Enlightenment: Raw and Uncensored Part 2



image credit: http://www.enlightenedbeings.com/
image credit: http://www.enlightenedbeings.com/

Last week in Part 1 of Enligtenment: Raw and Uncensored I talked about…..I have absolutely no idea…..

You see, that’s one of the side effects of enlightenment: spiritual amnesia. I suppose part of it is all about “being in the now,” but throw Mothering into it, and yeah, I haven’t even got a chance of remembering what I ate for breakfast 2 hours ago. It’s okay, though. If you can’t remember the past, you can’t regret it either.

Today I’m going to tell you about some other side-effects I’ve experienced on my spiritual journey. When you find yourself asking the question “Isn’t there MORE than THIS?” which in turn lays the foundation for a brand new world to unfold, you may or may not experience the following:

* A “honeymoon phase” where you find you are rewarded for embarking on this journey of true potential. You’ll find the exact information that makes your heart sing, you’ll find new-like-minded friends, you’ll experience synchronicities, and everything will feel magical for a lovely period of time.

* Very early on in your journey, during this honeymoon phase, it will feel like you’ve found THE ANSWER. Your quality of life will have improved so much that you want to push your ANSWER on to everyone you know. This is called the “Crusade of Reform” where you KNOW you can change the world if everyone was just. doing. what. you’re. doing. You may find that a book or documentary resonates with you so much that you buy a dozen copies and hand them to all your friends and family (wait, was that just me?). You will be VERY ANNOYING to others during this sanctimonious, holier-than-thou period, but you’re so happy that your loved ones will tolerate you anyway. (Thank you family and friends for humoring me.)

After the honeymoon phase, which may last weeks, months, or longer, life will become more….chaotic. Everything you’ve learned will be now be tested for integration. This is where the true fun begins (ahem…). Life may start going to shit as core issues come up to be healed. You see, when you’re in that honeymoon phase, you’re raising your vibration and frequency. Once you’re in a higher vibration, everything that doesn’t resonate with that vibration starts to feel bad. This is probably when the questioning phase beings. In no particular order, the questioning phase may include:

* Questioning your job.

* Questioning your relationships.

* Questioning yourself.

* Questioning what you’ve been taught.

* Questioning your beliefs.

* Questioning your purpose.

* Questioning your sanity.

Even though the questioning phase is uncomfortable and unfamiliar, it is a pivotal and important time. It’s a time of rewriting what you want and don’t want, what you will and won’t tolerate, what you do and don’t deserve. It’s a time of stepping into your self-worth and a time of expansion. It’s a time of letting go of all the answers you thought you had and letting new ones come in ~ new answers that resonate to your new frequency and vibration.

As the new answers start to come in, you may experience:

* Strong and vivid dream messages.

* Communication with other unseen realms (like the angelic realms and/or ascended masters, etc.)

* Stronger intuition and more confidence in it.

* Seeing recurring patterns of number sequences (like 444, 11:11, etc.)

* New interests in things never considered before.

* Unconventional ideas that you don’t dare share with anyone else, as you’re sure they would admit you to the looney-bin.

I find that as this post gets longer, that I’m still only scratching the surface of the side-effects and symptoms of enlightenment. The journey is not linear and not well-defined. You may find all these things happening at once and over and over again ~ I’ve had many honeymoon and questioning phases through the years and it only gets more interesting. Next week I’ll talk about how enlightenment involves IMMERSING yourself in your humanity, rather than trying to TRANSCEND your humanity.

That is, if I remember…..


4 thoughts on “Enlightenment: Raw and Uncensored Part 2

  1. Yup. I am definitely reading this for a reason. Looking forward to future posts … I think I’m hooked!

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