All I want for Christmas is You

I'm laughing.  Are you laughing?  Cuz this shit is funny.  Who's reality is THIS?
I’m laughing. Are you laughing? Cuz this shit is funny. Who’s reality is THIS?

I am the worst when it comes to giving gifts, especially when it comes to my husband. It’s not that I don’t want to be a good gift-giver, I do.  It’s that I always want the gift to be so meaningful that I think myself into a corner and end up stumped with nothing but a last-minute purchase.  Christmas is also very difficult in the gift giving department because my husband hates to get gifts!  It makes him almost physically uncomfortable to open a present.  I know, nuts right?

I think my husband struggles with gift season too. He’s been known to say that I’m impossible to buy for.  I have no idea why I don’t deny that, but it so happens that we are both WICKED impulsive.  There’s no waiting to buy stuff for ourselves; we just do it and therefore we have zero needs at Christmas.  But I worry about the example we’re setting for Zoey.  I’m afraid that if we don’t exchange gifts and it’s just the “Zoey Show” on Christmas morning, she might get the idea that her parents don’t care enough about each other and therefore we’re setting her up for some warped view of relationships.  Kind of a stretch, I know, but the other day, she informed me that she was the only one who gets presents on Christmas.  Mommy and Daddy don’t get any.  Gasp!  Was it because we were naughty?

So we’ve each been shopping.  We have that Amazon Prime thing so we have free 2-day shipping.  That means we have one Amazon account that we share.  I was in it yesterday, adding some things to my cart for my husband-a couple of thoughtful “you mentioned that you wished you had this” type of things.  Well, I went out of the shopping cart and back in and there were 2 bracelets in there all of a sudden!  Oh no!  We were shopping at the same time!  I sent him a text to get out of Amazon right away, but it was too late.  The jig, as they say, was up.  Now he saw my whole cart for him, I saw his ideas for me.  His solution: “Why are we even spending money we don’t have on each other?  Let’s just spend the money on a babysitter and go out during winter break.”

And so here we are.  I love the idea of going out and spending time together.  That’s what the holidays are all about.  I emptied my Amazon cart and am going to text the sitter.  On Christmas morning, I’ll be sitting back enjoying my little girl open all her gifts, appreciating every moment we have with her at this magical age of wonder and belief.  There are plenty of ways to show her how much we care for each other as a family and try to live up to it every day.

Now I am going to rack my brain to try to think of the single most amazing thing we can do on our date night.  It has to be perfect and totally memorable.  I’ve gotta stress out about something this Christmas, right?

6 thoughts on “All I want for Christmas is You

  1. O.K. I have a great idea. I am with you in your realization that it is not good for Zoey to be the only one receiving gifts, so here’s something fun you and Christian can do. You can each go to the dollar store with, say, $10.00 each (go at different times, of course). Challenge each other to buy one another the most crazy, outlandish, silly things you can think of to wrap up and put under the tree for each other to open on Christmas morning. It’ll be fun shopping for them (in one place, one stop) and it will be lots of laughs to open them too. What do you think? I’ve heard of office employees who do this as a gift exchange and they say it is a lot of fun.

  2. I too love your idea for a date night! Sounds like that will work out perfectly for you! And yes, Zoey knows her parents love each other – she sees it in other ways!

  3. Love this! I guess my and my husband’s problem isn’t so unique then, is it? We decided to go to NYC for an overnight this past weekend with our daughter as our Christmas present to each other. We hit all the highlights and had a great time. Awesome idea for the date night!

  4. We had the same realization! We already spend a lot on the holidays, between food and gifts and travel…so why add MORE stress and spend more money on each other? I love your idea of a date instead! And for what it’s worth, I cannot for the life of me remember if my parents exchanged gifts with each other when I was little. So it didn’t scar me for life if they didn’t hahahaha

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