The Summer of Cancer

I know we will look back on this summer and describe it as, “the summer Dad/Grandpa had cancer”.  Whenever we look at pictures or question why we didn’t do a usual summer event or tradition the explanation will be, “oh right, that’s the summer Dad/Grandpa had cancer”.

The Dog(gone) Days of Summer

In fact, I find that most Mondays I return to work more exhausted than when I left on Friday. Sure, part of it is that we are trying to cram too much fun into each weekend, but another part of it is simply that “relaxing” activities of my carefree, childless days now require significantly more energy and work in order to be successful (or survive).

Screen Time and Summer

Although there are moments that screen time feels like a struggle, I’ll be the first to admit it: why yes, sometimes I like it when the kids sit down and chill.