A Letter to My Baby on the Eve of Kindergarten

You will make new friends. You will learn new things. You will listen to new stories. You will create. You will recite all the letters and count all the numbers. You will eat lunch in a gigantic cafeteria. You will play on the play scape at recess. You will laugh. You will cry. But most of all, you will be okay. And, so will I.

Mouse Assassin and Other Titles

Fall is more challenging than Summer.  This is just a truth.  Summer is the time for eating tomatoes from the garden with balsamic vinegar and calling it dinner.  For staying up a little late and chasing fireflies in the yard.  Fall is none of these things. None. Of. Them.

From Caretaker to Mentor

As the seasons change, so does the status quo in our house. My oldest is 8 and my expectations of him are growing almost as much as his feet. Building character and confidence are the development milestones up ahead.