Moms for Moms Day


In March of 2014, partnered with (see our joint photoshoot here) on a special project called Moms for Moms Day (#moms4moms). It was a day devoted to encouraging moms everywhere to upload photos with supportive, loving statements for other moms via social media. And the result was magical. Check out our Facebook photo album for a sampling of some of the uplifting images. Seriously, just go look at the photo album anytime you need a pick-me-up! And if you want to add your own photo, even after the fact, email it to us at We’re all in this together and life is so much better when we’re united, not divided.

We were thrilled to have the support of our home state of Connecticut. So many of you participated in the day and that made it even more special. Even Gov. Malloy loved the idea for this day – check out his proclamation!

CT Working Moms is committed to loving more and judging less every day, as part of our Campaign for Judgment-Free Motherhood. So even though Moms for Moms Day has now passed, we’ll be carrying on that message through our writing. Thank you to all our readers for supporting us – you mean the world to us. ♥

And lastly, a special thank you to all of you with your own blogs who decided to write about Moms for Moms Day. One of our favorite parts of the entire experience was connecting with our fellow mom bloggers.

Have your own blog and want to show your support for our message? Grab one of these beautiful badges we made and link back to us!


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