Melanie Dunn

Bio: Melanie Dunn tries her best to raise a family and nurture a marriage while working as a special education attorney, representing parents of children with disabilities.  Her two daughters, a preschooler and a toddler, were born at home two years apart, and breastfed into toddlerhood.  She is a mompreneur who loves discussing the intersection of the practice of law with the practice of parenting.  Melanie also geeks out over difficult questions of gender roles, employment discrimination, and the challenges faced by parents in the workplace and in the public schools.  She is a crunchy mom advocate for attachment parenting who nonetheless dresses up for work everyday.

Tip for Other Working Moms: “Don’t believe the hype. Everyone tells you that being a parent is hard, but truthfully, you may find it unexpectedly easy and natural in some ways (and if you don’t, that’s OK too). Don’t set yourself up for failure by listening to “helpful” advice from bitter people determined to remain miserable and make everyone else around them feel the same way.”

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