Check out all of the places has gotten media mentions!

Connecticut Local Mother Featured in Website’s Photo Series, The Bristol Press

National Moms’ Powerful Campaign: ‘I’m a Work in Progress’, Yahoo

National Why are we so quick to pick apart Renee Zellweger’s looks? (CT Working Moms quoted)

National Moms Stop All The Judgment!, CNN

National Hugs, Not Judgment, The HuffingtonPost

National Why Do Moms Judge Other Moms, by Emily Gonzalez, The HuffingtonPost

Press Release Celebrating CT Working Moms 3-Year Anniversary

Connecticut CT Working Moms Speaks About World Breastfeeding Week, NBC Connecticut

National What If Breastfeeding Isn’t an Option, HLN

National A Fantastic Photo Series To Help Us Think About Judgment. (Spoiler Alert: We Have To Stop!), Upworthy

National One Way to End the Mommy Wars, CNN

International These Mums Put an End to the Mommy Wars, iVilliage Australia

National End the Mommy Wars, Star 98.3

National Surprising Conversations with my Kids, By Randi Mezzy, HuffingtonPost

National From An Adopted Daughter, What My Moms Taught Me About Parenting, By Sharlene Kerelejza, HuffingtonPost

Connecticut Mother’s Day Kindness Challenge, Hartford Courant

Press Release: Mother’s Day Kindness Challenge

National Confessions of a Tired, Busy, Working Mom, HuffingtonPost 

Connecticut [VIDEO] Moms for Moms Day, NBC Connecticut

Connecticut Malloy Declares March 4, “Moms for Moms Day” in CT, CT Post

Connecticut #Moms4Moms Day, By Elise Schreier, HuffingtonPost

National The Bump And CT Working Moms Partner To Declare First-Ever Moms For Moms Day On March 4, 2014 To End The Mommy Wars

National End the Mommy Wars – Love More and Judge Less,

National Connecticut moms hope to ‘end the mommy wars’; photo shoot goes viral, again, DeseretNews


National Stop the Mommy Wars, CCA Kids Blog

National [VIDEO] Finding Peace While Battling Depression, appearance by CTWM’s blogger Carly Corrigan, HuffPost Live, November 2013

National A Letter to My Adopted Son On Having to Share You by CTWM’s blogger Elise Schreier, HuffingtonPost, November 2013

National Making Peace with the Mommy Wars, Baby Center, October 2013

National Judgment-Free Motherhood Starts Within by CTWM’s founder Michelle Noehren for Moms Uniting Moms, October 2013

National Motherhood Just Got Real by CTWM’s founder Michelle Noehren, HuffingtonPost, October 2013

National [VIDEO] CTWM’s Blogger Melanie Dunn on the TODAY Show, September 2013

National A Boy and His Tutu: One Lesbian Mom’s Perspective by CTWM’s blogger Holly Robinson, HuffingtonPost, September 2013

PRESS RELEASE: CTWM Sending Connecticut Mom Melanie Dunn to the TODAY Show on September 23, 2013

Connecticut Voted 1st Runner Up for Best Blogger, New Haven Living

PRESS RELEASE: CTWM’s Celebrates 2-Year Anniversary

International My day as a working mum… in GIFs, iVillage, September 2013

Connecticut Tax-Free Week: Savings For More Than Back To School, Korky Vann (Hartford Courant), August 2013

National My Day As a Working Mom in GIFs by CTWM’s founder Michelle Noehren, HuffingtonPost, August 2013

National Dear Parents of High-Need Babies by CTWM’s blogger Sarah Bernhardson, HuffingtonPost, August 2013

Connecticut CT Working Moms Founder Named 2013’s Most Inspirational Mom, Fox CT, July 2013

National 10 Important Things to Ask a Mother by CTWM’s blogger Sarah Bourne, HuffingtonPost, July 2013

National What I Want for My Girls, HuffingtonPost by CTWM’s blogger Stephanie Wright, July 2013

National End Mommy Wars! Campaign Targets Epic Parenting Battles,, June 2013

International ‘Let’s end the Mommy Wars!’ Mothers urge women to stop judging each other’s parenting choices through empowering photo series, The Daily Mail (U.K), June 2013

National Let’s End the Mommy Wars, HuffingtonPost, June 2013

National Moms confess: Husband versus kids, who stresses them out more?, TODAY Moms, May 2013

Connecticut Connecticut Moms Take Lead On Social, Political Causes, Hartford Courant, May 2013

National So we’re stressed; what can we do about it? Real moms offer solutions, TODAY Moms, May 2013

National ‘Pinterest stress’ afflicts nearly half of moms, survey says, TODAY Moms, May 2013

National What I Know About Motherhood Now that I’m an Extrovert Raising an Introvert by CTWM’s blogger Kriste Stevenson, HuffingtonPost, May 2013

National What I Know About Motherhood Now That I Practice Meditation by CTWM’s founder Michelle Noehren, HuffingtonPost, May 2013

Connecticut Hartford Magazine: CTWM’s featured in the “Best of Hartford 2013” edition

Connecticut RADIO: At Home in Connecticut, WTIC featuring CTWM’s bloggers Katie Schunk & Michelle Noehren

Connecticut Hartford Courant: Spring Cleaning 101: Start With A Strategy, April 2013

National HLN (CNN affiliate): Running, for your life: A mom’s response to terror, April 2013

National VIDEO: Post-Adoption Depression Is A Real Thing – HuffPost Live Featuring CTWM’s Blogger Elise Schreier

National VIDEO: Kim K. Is Every Woman – Interview with HuffPost Live & CTWM’s Blogger Patty Girard, April 2013

Connecticut Mommy Power, New Haven Living, Feb 2013

Connecticut VIDEO – CTWM’s Blogger Elise Schreier Appears on Fox CT News

Connecticut New Britain Herald: Local blogger, raising 3 adopted children with lesbian partner, to appear on national talk show

National CTWM Blogger Elise to Appear on Ricki Lake Show

Connecticut Shelton Patch: CTWM’s Blogger to Appear on Ricki Lake

National HLN: ‘I throw out my kids’ art’: Best Mom Confessions

Connecticut Hartford Courant: Local Online Community For Moms Offers Budget Tips And Parenting Advice

VIDEO: CTWorkingMoms Tips for Holiday Baking with Kids

VIDEO: Mommy Minute: CT Working Moms Enlist Holiday Help From Kids

Moms Suggest Enlisting Little Elves To Ease Hectic Holiday Frenzy

National VIDEO ABC World News with Diane Sawyer: 4 Tips to Save You Money on Black Friday

National VIDEO ABC Nightline: Black Friday Savings: How to Hack the Holidays

National ABC World News with Diane Sawyer: 4 Tips to Save You Money on Black Friday – featuring CTWorkingMoms blogger Sarah Perillo

VIDEO: CTWorkingMoms Featured in NBC30 Story About Maternity Leave

VIDEO: Fox CT: Hartford is Best City for Working Moms – Featuring CTWorkingMoms Bloggers

Glastonbury Patch: CT Working Moms Hosts 1st Anniversary Celebration

VIDEO: Fox CT Interviews CT Working Moms About 1st Anniversary & How to Make Baby Food

Berlin Patch: Berlin Native Featured On Fox 61 Making Baby Food

National VIDEO: ABC’s Good Morning America

National VIDEO: NBC’s Today Show – Moms dare to bare post-pregnancy bellies

National VIDEO: The View – Hot Topics: Regular Women Flaunt Their Post-Baby Bodies

International The Daily Mail: What post-baby bellies REALLY look like… New mothers bare their bodies to protest unattainable celebrity ideals

National HuffingtonPost: Goddess Gathering by Dena Fleno

National NBC’s Crib note: Moms celebrate their real post-baby bodies

Hartford Courant: Connecticut Moms’ Post-Baby Bellies Getting Big Attention

National Bliss Tree: Awesome Group Of Moms Show What Postpartum Bellies Really Look Like

National  Working Moms Protest Against Celebrities’ Post-Pregnancy Bodies

National What Postpartum Bellies Really Look Like: One Bold Mother Gives Mommyish  The Inside Scoop

Berlin Native’s Photos Inspire ‘Real’ Moms

National Girls Guide To: New Moms Celebrate Post Baby Bellies

National  iVillage: Photo: What Real Moms Look Like After Having a Baby

National Parent Society: Moms Bare Post-Baby Bellies for the World to See

National Whats On Sayna: Protest celebrity worship: new moms show off post-baby bodies

National The Real Cougar Woman: New Moms Bare Their Bodies In Protest

National Mommy’sDirtyLittleSecret: (PHOTOS) What Post-Baby Bellies REALLY Look Like, Moms Bare Their Bodies

Litchfield County Mom: Connecticut Working Moms to appear on the Today show and Good Morning America June 27

National i4u News: Photo: What Real Moms Look Like After Having a Baby

National Fitceleb: Post-Pregnant Moms Tackle the ‘Perfect’ Body Pressure

Highlighted in a three-page spread in the Glastonbury Life Paper (June 2012)

Voted Best CT Family/Parenting Blog of 2012

Interviewed by Fox CT News (2012)

Highlighted in the Shelton Patch (2012)

Front Page Story in the Glastonbury Citizen: Resident’s Website a Resource for Working Moms.