End the Mommy Wars {Photo Special}


All photos taken by I View Photography. Images may not be republished without permission from CTWorkingMoms.com. Email us at michelle@ctworkingmoms.com with any questions.


37 thoughts on “End the Mommy Wars {Photo Special}

  1. Awesome!! I love the example that we women CAN stick together and support our similarities and differences❤️

  2. These are nice acknowledgments, I’d like to see one more set. ‘I chose not to have children. ‘. And ‘I chose to have children. Those of us without children are often looked down upon because of families do not consist of the traditional ‘family unit’ with children.

    1. Excellent point. I love that you raised this and I totally agree that those who don’t have children shouldn’t be judged either.

  3. As a stay at home dad we, stay at home dads, don’t give a sh!t what the other dad do, we crack a beer watch our kids and bust each other’s balls. It’s what we do.

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