Cora Fuss


Bio: Cora is a thirty-something mother and wife who lives in Hartford County. Her girls, born in 2008 and 2011, are very unique and wonderful individuals who both love dolls and often fight over them. She had horrible illness-ridden pregnancies and amazing labors. Not that you asked. During the day she fights crime as a middle school psychologist in a Greater Hartford school district. Her husband since 2006 is a high school science teacher for the same district. When not working, Cora enjoys spending time with the kids and the husband going on family adventures and crossing things off the family bucket list. In her alone time (all 5 minutes of it) Cora enjoys reading, DIY house projects, and baking allergen free desserts.

Tip for Other Working Moms: “We dedicated one wall in my daughter’s room for her school art. She gets to pick what she keeps as long as it fits on the wall. As soon as the wall fills up she’ll have to decide which ones to take down. It gives her room some cheeriness, we get to enjoy the art, and there’s no guilt about tossing it or losing it in a pile on the kitchen counter.”

Read all of Cora’s posts here.

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