Nothing Without You

Despite all the different ways our lives have unfolded since graduation, those smiles and the love fueling them, are ever present. I don’t think there is a more convincing testament to the strength of our friendships.

Carpe Diem! (Going back to school in my 40s…)

Isn’t that what mothers do? We juggle. ALL THE TIME.

We are used to it. It becomes second nature to raise our children and work – whether in the home or out – we somehow figure it out. We may not do it all right, all the time, but we do get it done.

Most of the time.

Until the day when we find ourselves in front of a vending machine in tears. Then we do what we do. We dry our tears, pick ourselves up, and walk into Starbucks to purchase a latte, instead.

Texts With My Daughters

I think one of the best perks of having older kids is that they now have cell phones. I know, the cost is no fun but I really love knowing that I can talk to my kids anytime I need to…I also love that some of our most hilarious, serious, or irritating conversations are actually in writing.

Me Too

As I looked at my feed throughout the day, I longed desperately for the strength to write “Me too,” but I was paralyzed by fear and still have not been able to bring myself to write those two simple words.