The Summer of Cancer

I know we will look back on this summer and describe it as, “the summer Dad/Grandpa had cancer”.  Whenever we look at pictures or question why we didn’t do a usual summer event or tradition the explanation will be, “oh right, that’s the summer Dad/Grandpa had cancer”.

Do You Kickbox?

Despite my attempts to exercise regularly the effort was simply not enough. I was not happy of the body I stared at every day and I was so tired of being mentally wrung out. I needed an outlet and I needed a change. So now, I kickbox.

The Reluctant Dance Mom (Part 3)

Two years ago my littlest daughter decided she wanted to become a dancer.  I had successfully avoided dance mom status with the other two girls as they had both leaned (or were pushed) toward sports like soccer and basketball.  My youngest, however, was determined to resist my shoves no matter how pink her cleats and shin guards were. 

You’re Going to Miss This

We hear, “you’re going to miss this when it’s over” or “you’ll look back on this and smile” and other annoying cliches from older parents all of the time. But as I’m beginning to identify with those “older” (gasp) parents I have to say, they were right.


At almost 42, I’ve been a bit more reflective of who I’ve become.  I understand that we, as people, are always changing and growing but the beauty of being in my 40s is I can actually say, about many of my quirks and traits, “well, this is me!” and not really care much about what others think about it.

5 Things I’m Loving This Winter

I’m trying to be more positive this winter so for my post for February I decided to focus not on the people I love (since I love them every day, not just on that ridiculous made up holiday) but on some of the things I’m loving right now that are helping me push through this season of misery.

Coffee and Wine and Me

I am definitely one of those working mothers who lives on coffee and wine. You know the ones I mean. The ones who post coffee memes on their Facebook. The ones who use the emoji of a wine glass after any stressful statement they may text or post on social media. The ones who can’t seem to manage their busy lives without a cup of coffee in their hand and glass of wine to wind down at night. That is me. Well, it was me.