Finding My Filter

We want to be strong women, right?  We want to raise children who stand up for themselves.  No shrinking violets but bold, little hellcats.  Sure, they challenge us at every turn, but beneath our frustration (sometimes way down deep), there is great pride in raising children who we know will take on the world someday.

Our February Pilgrimage

Four years ago, I somehow stumbled on an annual event held at the Lutz Children’s Museum in Manchester, Connecticut.  Apparently, the museum is the home of the “official Connecticut state groundhog” (who knew?) and every year, she or he makes a prediction about the end of the Winter season.  The public is invited to attend the special occasion.

Love and Dementia

The staff found it really endearing to see them together.  They would sit next to each other at meals and otherwise.  They would hold hands.  There were smooches.  Her face would light up when she saw him, even though she could not recognize his name when I mentioned it.  He would beam when he saw her.  Her waning speech did not phase him.  She was happy.