There will be hours upon hours of car rides our future. No matter, I am already looking back on this seemingly mundane time as a sweet memory of the way things used to be.

Nothing Without You

Despite all the different ways our lives have unfolded since graduation, those smiles and the love fueling them, are ever present. I don’t think there is a more convincing testament to the strength of our friendships.

Keep Calm and Carry On Gets a Makeover

I have accepted this into my life and let me tell you, it’s transformative. It helps keep a smile on my face and focus on my priorities and my people. This is not about ignoring injustice or letting people treat you poorly. It is about letting go of the little stuff.

A Time to Give Thanks

Reflection and expressing gratitude are two consistent elements of the Thanksgiving holiday while who and what we are thankful for may change through the years.  The nostalgia of this time of year is quite compelling and as I think back about Thanksgivings past, I’m seeing my experiences in a new light with and a new found appreciation.

The Good List

I am using my time and my little space on the internet to offer this peek into my unfiltered life and issue a reminder we all deserve: 
If perfection is the goal, we are all failing.