We Survived Our First Month of Kindergarten… I Think…

Wow! How is it already the end of September? Another year where the days seem long but the weeks and months are flying by. At the end of August my baby girl turned 5 and the next week she started Kindergarten. A new school with new friends, save for one from her daycare.

I thought it would be an easy transition, considering she’s been in daycare since she was 1, but this was a whole new ballgame. I mean, she adjusted well to her classroom and her teachers, but her trouble laid with making new friends. She desperately wanted to hold onto the one friend she knew from daycare, but that friend quickly made friends with some of the other kids in the class – which I hoped would influence my daughter to do the same. Instead, my baby was devastated. I did my best to explain to her that it’s ok to make new friends. That just because the two of them have new friends doesn’t mean they can’t still be friends. She cried for a while and I was worried, but thankfully things seemed to have shifted a bit since two weeks ago thanks to a little boy who befriended her. She raved about how nice this boy is to her, and from his friendship she made some other new friends. Things weren’t so bad.

Aside from her insecurities with friends (which is not new to us), she has a whole new air about her in general. At home she’s a complete juxtaposition to the vulnerable girl she tells me she is at school. She’s been much more confident at home. Much more bold. Ready to push buttons and test limits. Somehow being allowed to walk herself into the school building has translated across her life as being able to do whatever she wants because she’s not a little kid anymore. We, like many of my friends in the same boat can attest to, have been having very testy moments.  

However, I’m doing my best to take each moment as they come and hope I can help her to learn some important messages along the way. Most importantly, I hope I can teach her to be comfortable in her own skin. To understand that it’s ok to feel upset, and in some cases it’s even ok to test her limits. As much as I want her to listen, I want her to also grow up to be a strong, independent, kind, and loving human.

I’m not sure if what I’m saying actually gets through to her. Especially since most of the time I try to comfort her or give her advice, she responds with a question on a completely different topic. Maybe all these changes are really affecting me more than they are her. All I know is that, so far, Kindergarten has been a completely different beast. One that I has me constantly thinking of what the future holds. I am thankful the first month is over and we seemed to survive!

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