Love More, Judge Less


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Since its inception, has worked to create an online environment of love, support and compassion for moms that stumble upon our site. On the one-year anniversary of our popular post-baby body photo shoot we decided to make a more formal statement about our desire to end the ridiculous mommy wars by encouraging people to tap into their compassion and let go of their judgments. We call this ongoing project our Campaign for Judgement-Free Motherhood. (Read the original blog post here)

Because we feel strongly that we can’t simply call for moms to be less judgmental without giving them any advice on how to actually do that, we wrote this guest post for Moms Uniting Moms titled Judgement-Free Motherhood Starts Within. We ALL have the power to change the way we think and it begins by simply noticing our judgments as they arise. What you then do with that thought/judgement is up to you – hold onto it and feel that negativity or let it go in the spirit of sisterhood.

To learn more about this project click here.

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