Five Things I Love About Winter

My last post focused on why winter is simply not for me. I actually used the word “hate”…in the title.  You can read it here if you need a reminder of how awful this season is for me. Luckily many friends of mine read my miserable post and offered up some good ways to get through the season and some reminded me that there are a few things about winter that aren’t so bad. Today is Valentine’s Day and while I wish it were Easter Day…or Memorial Day…at least it’s a day, stuck in the middle of this cold, dark season, filled with a little love and happiness.

So in that spirit, here are my five favorite things about winter:

  1. My UGG Slippers. My husband, a few years ago, gave me what was one of the best gifts he has ever given me (and we’ve been together for over twenty years so there have been a lot of gifts).  These slippers are comfortable, warm, and I put them on within minutes of returning home for the day.  They have rubber soles so I can wear them outside too saving me from switching out shoes to go out to my car for a forgotten item, take garbage out, or make a quick run to drop off or pick up a child from an activity. My house is about a century old and rather cold and drafty–especially when we first get back in the evening and kick up the heat.  These slippers make me instantly warmer and I love them.
Here they are on the feet of my daughter Olivia. She swipes them the second I dare to take them off.

2. Hot Coffee. I am an iced coffee fanatic but I love a cup (or three) of hot coffee in the morning (and afternoon). Hot coffee loses it’s appeal to me in the summer and I miss it. Oh coffee, how I adore you.  I could write out an entire Valentine’s Day card trumpeting my love of coffee.  And hot coffee is the best, especially when I’m cold (which is always in the winter). Lattes are great and I’ll often splurge on one from Starbucks in the afternoon.  But my heart truly belongs to Dunkin’ hot coffee.  I also really love the women who work at my Dunkin’ and have my large cup ready for me with a smile when I walk in every morning. The first sip sends warmth through my entire body and I gain instant motivation to face the day ahead.

Drinking this delicious, warm, elixir as I write.

3. Red Wine. I enjoy wine and my husband and I have begun to take more of an interest in it’s many varieties. Red wine has become my favorite and I’ve ventured into sampling stronger vintages and exploring those from many different countries.  There is an amazing store nearby that we like to call “The Disney of Wine Stores” because it offers what I think must be every type of wine ever bottled.  They have an app you can download that helps you keep track of those you have tried so you can either purchase again or avoid if it wasn’t to your liking (side note: you know you’re old when you have a liquor store rewards card and app on your phone). As with hot coffee, red wine loses it’s appeal for me when it is warm outside and I really do miss enjoying a glass of it with my meals during the summer. I also love these stemless wine glasses I found (I cannot remember where). Each glass in the set has a different word engraved so your guests will always know which glass is their own. Added bonus? They are dishwasher safe!

A glass of my favorite Malbec from Argentina.

4. Bowling and Arcades. My kids love going to indoor sports complexes in the winter.  Actually, they would enjoy them in the summer as well but I rarely agree to spend money and time indoors when we could be outdoors instead. We have a few options nearby and we will also venture into NYC at least once a winter to have some fun at Dave & Buster’s in Times Square.  I’m not sure if I’m raising future slot machine addicts but my girls love playing arcade games, winning as many tickets as possible, and turning in those tickets for toys that break within a few days and bags of candy I could have purchased for under $5 at Target.  As much as I may grumble when they ask for an arcade day I can’t resist watching their enjoyment. We also really like to bowl and we have several great bowling alleys nearby.  We are all pretty lousy bowlers (except for my husband who can be infuriatingly excellent) and an afternoon of bowling is always filled with laughter.

Bowling with their cousins. Every one of them had fun–from the 3-year-old to the 15-year-old.

5. My Cast Iron Gas Stove.  As I said, my house is almost one hundred years old. It’s drafty, the insulation is probably non-existent by now, and I have many old windows that are no longer sealed properly.  My house is cold.  This stove, however, is my savior.  Hooked up to a gas line, I simply press a button and I have heat.  A ceiling fan helps spread the heat throughout our first floor and it keeps us warm and cozy.  My favorite spot to read is next to the stove and watching the flames flicker over my book always makes me feel content and happy.  I find that I actually read more often in the winter and I think it’s because I’ve paired reading with my love for this stove.

Three sets of boots warming at our lovely fire.

I don’t think I’ll ever really like winter but I will admit that there are a few things about the season I enjoy.  I think I may just make it to spring. Maybe.

**Thank you to my friend Megan for giving me the inspiration for this post! Check out the blog she and her friends just started, Sincerely Us, here!

3 thoughts on “Five Things I Love About Winter

  1. I really needed to read this! It’s hard for me to find things I love about the winter, but I do love my UGGs and hot coffee! Thanks for the reminder that it’s not ALL bad. 🙂

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