5 Reasons Why Business Trips Aren’t Awful

As a fellow mom who loves her children dearly I can appreciate ones’ hesitation when it comes to traveling for work, especially when you’re a natural worrier like me. Will my girls leave the house without brushing their hair? Will my husband pack enough food for my daughter’s lunch and snack? Are we set with all the necessary childcare? Are my kids going to be really upset I’m not going to be home during my trip?

A few months back I accepted a new role at my company that also happens to require more travel. Although it can be tough to leave my babies, traveling for work isn’t really all that bad. Here are 5 reasons why I feel this way and, ironically, I wrote them down while I was on a business trip.

1. Technology these days is pretty amazing. Even though I may be miles away, using something like FaceTime makes it possible to feel as if I’m in the same room as my kids while we talk. I do, however, use the term “FaceTime” loosely when talking about using it with my 5 and 3 year olds because they’re usually holding the phone so close to their faces I really only get glimpses of them from the nose up. I really ought to have some Dramamine on hand because it’s like watching The Blaire Witch Project all over again – up close and personal head shots with runny noses and very fast, jerky camera movements. It was also amusing that they thought I was in need of a tour of the house. This included an inside look at the refrigerator, accompanied by a run-down of the condiments we had in stock(more specifically, the fact that we had not one, but two, containers of mustard in our fridge).

2. You might end up having some cool sightseeing opportunities you might not otherwise have. If you have the time, why not explore the area a bit? When in Rome, right? Take advantage!

Go ahead and take the bull by the horns... (sorry, couldn't resist)!
Go ahead and take the bull by the horns… (sorry, couldn’t resist)!

3. Distance makes the heart grow fonder. Please don’t misinterpret this statement and think that I need to travel great distances in order to like my children more. Sometimes it’s just refreshing to have some separation; an opportunity to miss those you are with love the most. It can actually provide you with a greater appreciation for them, and vice versa. It’s an opportunity  to return recharged and ready to help tackle all the booger wiping, homework doing, meal cooking (frozen chicken nuggets and french fries counts, right?), boo-boo kissing, bath giving, sibling fighting …you get the picture. Your kids may shed a tear or two, and maybe you will too, but you’ll all be ok. Guaranteed your kids won’t be scarred for life. In fact, you’ll most likely return to lots of cuddles and “I missed you!”

4. Sometimes it’s a good thing to be forced out of your comfort zone.  For example, I never really thought I’d be comfortable eating at a restaurant by myself. And I wasn’t, until somewhat recently. Sitting alone at a table for two seemed intimidating and uncomfortable to me. Maybe motherhood has changed that for me. After all, I’m eating a meal…while sitting down….and I don’t have to tell anyone to quiet down, stop staring at people at the booth next to us, and not once did I need to remind anyone that they need to share the restaurant’s crayons. Nope! I’m just sitting down to a peaceful, delicious meal that I didn’t have to cook, at a restaurant that doesn’t have chicken fingers or hot dogs on the menu….and, get this…I’m reading a book (gasp!).

Not too shabby!
Not too shabby!

5. Your time is YOURS. When you’re not working, of course. It’s an opportunity to catch up on some reading, some sleep, some relaxation, reflection, or binge watching garbage TV. Oh, the possibilities are endless!

Photo by C. Corrigan
Photo by C. Corrigan


2 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why Business Trips Aren’t Awful

  1. Carly! I loved seeing your pictures! Good for you for making it a good one!! Can I come next time?!?! xoxo

  2. Yup, yup, yup!! I could especially relate to the eating dinner alone one. That’s not something I thought I’d ever feel comfortable doing, but now I cherish it on my work trips (so much better than business dinners – gah!!).

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