True Confessions Revival!

Kate Street, a former blogger of this site, regularly wrote True Confessions posts and inspired others to do so. I never met Kate but enjoy her work and admire her in general. She sets her own standards for parenting and living life, and detailed it in her blog unapologetically. In her honor, and because I love when others bare their secrets, I’m reviving True Confessions.

  • I’m sorry my kids inherited my hair. It’s super fine. They constantly have nappy heads, and brushing it is no day at the beach. I never understood why my mom kept my hair boy-short, until now. I figured out how to manage mine as an adult (hair dryer and round brush), but I look longingly at women and even girls with beautiful hair.
Hair Day
Pretty good hair day in this house!
  • Sometimes I’m disappointed about the crap I feed my kids – chicken nuggets, mac n’ cheese, hot dogs, instant oatmeal, and yogurt drinks. I offer them what we’re eating but they’re picky, and most of the time I’ll just make them a kids’ meal to avoid the stress of a fight. If they eat fruit and some protein with their carbs, I call that a success.
  • I often feel the need for a wife, and the closest thing I have is my mom. My parents live three miles away, and they provide me much-needed downtime and flexibility. My mom picks up our girls once a week after school, make us dinner, send home leftovers for Dave’s lunch, and usually babysit (sometimes a sleepover) one night each weekend. My mom and I run together and hang out when we can. I couldn’t fathom living far from her at this stage of my life, and am seriously lucky we’re tight. My sister lives in NYC, and talks about moving back here some day. While that would be awesome, I don’t want to divide my mom with her. Ha!
  • I like the thought of Whole Foods, and will pop in to buy a couple things. Then I hate myself for blowing so much money on one bag of groceries. I’m not qualified to shop there.
  • One time I found a really long hair growing on the side of my face. I immediately texted my mom and sister and told them they were fired. It’s in their job description to tell me these things.
  • I can’t believe writing checks and ironing still exist in 2016.
  • I have bins upon bins of our girls’ clothes and baby gear in the attic. I can’t get rid of it. Neither of us can decide if we should have another kid or move on and be happy with two. Most of the time I think we have our hands full, and kids are expensive, and that I’m too selfish to have another, but I’m not ready to close the door.
  • I have crushes on badass women: Amy Poehler, Tina Fey, Beyonce, Michelle Obama, Kara Goucher (a pro runner), and even a local politician, Shari Cantor. She’s a petite democrat-fashionista-mom of four, and I want to age as well as she has.
Badass Kara Goucher
  • Right now I’m crushing on Tyler Joseph, lead singer of the band Twenty One Pilots. I’m a good 8 years older, but he’s a fine young musician. And I wouldn’t kick Channing Tatum, Charlie Hunnam, or Bradley Cooper out of bed. Guess my tastes are all over the place.
Tyler Joseph
Inappropriate crush?
  • Dave and I thought we were dog people, and I never really liked cats. I didn’t trust them. We thought we’d get a dog when we bought a house. It’s been almost five years now, and I can’t commit to the responsibility of dog ownership. Our cat is super cuddly and tolerant of our kids (especially Emmeline, who insists on picking her up), and I’m surprised that I love her so much.
  • I’m not great at clipping my kids’ nails. I only do it when they get embarrassingly long. I care about hygiene, it’s just not my best skill.
  • I have one beer or glass of wine a night, and I thoroughly enjoy it.

What about you? Want to get some confessions off your chest?

5 thoughts on “True Confessions Revival!

  1. yeah GIRL!!! This is spot on!!! And ironing? pfft. how is not everything automatically wrinkle-free? and Kara Goucher- another BRF!!!!!!

  2. I LOVE confession posts!! Helps other people realize they aren’t alone in the things they feel weird about 🙂

  3. Love this revival and am so jealous of your proximity to your mom. I’m campaigning for mine to move closer!

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