Growing a Family

Our family of three is growing by one! Baby Muszynski is due May 7, 2016! We are thrilled, excited, a little scared, but most importantly happy that we made the decision to have another.

me and my babies!
me and my babies!

I didn’t know if this post would ever come to fruition and thought maybe I would be writing one day about “deciding to have an only child.” Deep down inside, I always knew I wanted to have another, but the decision to get there took a while. It’s a sensitive subject to talk about and I feel the need to share that there is nothing wrong with not knowing if you want to have another. I feel that people put pressure on moms that “you should have the feeling or desire to have another.” Well, that isn’t always the case. For a whole variety of reasons, some families may just want to have one child and there is nothing wrong with that.

For us, this was the earliest we would have another. Between buying and selling a house, spending a year renovating a new house and processing a scary delivery I had with my daughter, this was the soonest. There is no question that the hardest decision of my life was whether to have another child. I thought about it long and hard, for many months and didn’t want to commit until both my husband and I were fully on board. To us, this was a big step in our lives. I am just happy that I gave this decision the time and patience it deserved.

The turning point was when someone close to both my husband and I asked us a very simple question in an attempt to help with our decision. She asked, “In 10 years, when you both are sitting in the backyard or on the beach, do you want to see one child playing or two.” We immediately looked at each other and said, “We want to see two kids.” And there you have it, the rest was history, we drove home that evening and thought, “OK, let’s do this.” A few short months later when the time was right and one big tall margarita later we conceived our little baby. Not going to lie I did think to myself, “Wow – what did we just do.” Ha.

Nonetheless, we are so happy, I am super excited about the decision we made and our little girl is thrilled about becoming a big sister.

To all the families out there wondering whether or not to grow the family, as yourself this simple question. “In ten years from now do you see another child out in the backyard playing?” If you still don’t know the answer, think about it long and hard – don’t rush into this and take the time you need to make such a big decision in your life. Be kind and gentle to yourself, the last thing you want to do is scold yourself for not making a decision sooner than you can.


One thought on “Growing a Family

  1. I’m so excited for you and your family, Melissa! In thinking about having a second child, I always pictured being around my dining room table at Thanksgiving when I’m in my 50’s. I just couldn’t picture welcoming just one child home. And yet I’m sure that that’s the perfect scenario for many other families! It’s such a personal decision to add to your family. I’m so happy for your decision and your new little addition!

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