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Each week we do a roundup of older but awesome posts you might have missed! We have so much incredible content on our site and we want to make sure you know about it!

A Goddess Gathering

We bloggers have a super secret blogger group on Facebook.  It’s a way for us to throw around ideas, ask each other questions and just plain old kibitz.

A while back someone mentioned they were scared to click on a link to “Beyonce’s Body After Baby.”  I think we all know what these headlines bring.  All you have to do is do a simple Google search for “body after baby” and you see these celebrities with their impossible-to-attain-their-normal-size-nevermind-their-post-preggo-size photo spread in the latest gossip mag. Read more

Do it Yourself Project: Rain Gutter Bookshelves

Not very long ago my daughter made the big transition from a crib to a twin bed and “big girl bedroom.” I had so much fun decorating and looking for ideas to make her bedroom feel as comfortable and warm as possible. One thing that was certain was that I wanted her to have bookshelves. She enjoyed books and I only wanted to continue to encourage her to read! I began looking into different styles of bookshelves and I came to the decision that shelving for the wall was a must (in order to save space and I really liked the look). However, I was not too thrilled to discover that these bookshelves were going to cost us an arm and a leg! So, in an attempt to both save money as well as find something that would look great in a kids room, I began utilizing the internet to find a do-it-yourself project. I FOUND ONE and it’s pretty ingenious! Rain gutter bookshelves! The best part is that they are actuallly encourage children to read since they are able to see the front covers of the books instead of just the binding. The theory behind the rain gutter bookshelves. Read more

Cleaner Living: I banished my shampoo

Most people who want to reduce their chemical use, may start with something innocuous like kitchen cleaner, something that no one will really see or care about if it goes wrong or doesn’t work.


I picked my hair!

For background, I currently have shoulder length, auburn/brown hair. I have colored my hair since my best friend and I smuggled some Sun-In into my moms bathroom when we were 17, so i really can’t remember my true natural color. It is somewhat wavy/curly when I don’t blow dry it, and has a fair amount of natural body. I have never really had any shampoo brand loyalty, having to switch quite often when my hair became “immune” to one kind or another. I get it trimmed about every 8 weeks unless I get the urge to cut it all off. Read more

A Letter to our Local Retailers (about your double shopping carts)…

Dear (Fill in the Blank Store):

I know it’s not your responsibility to make sure that your store accommodates the small population of mothers who have more than one small kid, but let’s face it – moms with small kids will eventually become moms with big kids. Building a little bit of goodwill now really can’t hurt and might only help you in the long run as you build an inventory of loyal customers.

What am I talking about, you ask? I’m talking specifically about your shopping carts. If you’ve ever been shopping with two or more little kids, you might understand what I’m referring to. Shopping with two young kids in tow is difficult and the shopping cart situation is often a cause of frustration for many moms. I am asking you to regularly check all of your double seated carts to ensure that they’re working, and MAYBE consider replacing them with more mom/kid-friendly styles. Read more

Frugal Lady 101: How to Save Money Fast – No Coupons Necessary!

Here is a list of ways in which our household saves money. Do you follow any of these? If not, please share with us the ways you save money! Read more

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