Good Morning Moon

morning moonI’m a runner, who is fortunate to live in a town with other runners, one of whom is my dear friend who I have been running with since I moved into my home seven years ago. We wake up early in the morning, leave our respective houses, and meet for a run around our beautiful town. Most mornings we pass 5-15 people, also up before the day has officially begun, to get a morning run in.

Good morning moon, thank you for good fortune.

We take the same route when we run, and yet because of the weather, the time of year, and what’s going on in our lives, the run is never the same. Our runs have fostered great brainstorming, provided free therapy, many laughs, and fabulous advice. They keep us healthy, mind and body.

Good morning moon, thank you for peace and happiness.

After we take our run and part our separate ways, I head up a hill towards home. I’ve grown to love this hill. It’s a perfect up and down. And, as I push my body to the apex, I am flooded with the knowledge that although this hill goes unchanged, I am never the same. As I glide down the other side I feel ever so grateful for the day ahead and appreciate that I am here, healthy, alive, now, in this moment.

Good morning moon, thank you for perspective.

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