Finding Fun in the Fall

Anyone who knows me knows that I adore summer. It is my absolute favorite time of the year with spring being a close second. Winter in Connecticut makes me want to pack up my family and high tail it out of here never to return and fall is just a reminder of what’s coming.

However, knowing that the winter doldrums are quickly approaching usually motivates me to at least try to enjoy some of what fall has to offer. So here’s a bit of what my family has been up to:


I have three girls who play soccer so every weekend I sit and watch an average of four games.  I’m so proud of my three athletes and I cheer them on with gusto.  I love most of it until it gets so cold that by the time game two begins I can’t feel my face. At that point I’m ready to pay the referee $10 to end the game early.

Apple Picking

In September, a few friends and I spent an afternoon apple picking with all of our kids. We ventured out into a local orchard on one of the most glorious weather days of the season so far. We gathered delicious apples and the kids managed to navigate through a MASSIVE corn maze in less than thirty minutes despite dragging along a four-year-old with short legs and a small bladder.

The Big E

Oh how I love the Big E. We go every year and I will even allow the girls to miss a day of soccer so we can go. Being in late September the weather is usually perfect—cool enough for sweatshirts, warm enough to be pleasant. We leave our house early so we can arrive at the gates just as they are opening. After a breakfast of fried dough we explore all of the animal and farm exhibits. For my suburban children, this is really their only chance to be up close and personal with sheep, cows, pigs, goats, and horses. They can see massive award-winning vegetables and watch a sheep being sheared. After the animals we hit the midway. Classic carnival rides and games are always the best part of the day and my husband usually spends too much money attempting to win one of them that massive stuffed toy she MUST HAVE.

Then, we eat. Every type of food and drink imaginable is at the Big E and it all tastes fantastic. Stuffed baked potatoes, huge turkey legs, fried food, grilled food, sea food, chowder, and every dessert known to man including, my favorite, a giant cream puff. Finally, once we are stuffed and feeling vaguely ill, we shop. We get lost in the massive exhibition halls filled with vendors displaying and demonstrating every product you can imagine. We never make it out without buying at least something we do not need.


Next weekend we will find some pumpkins. I know many families have a go-to place to get their pumpkins (and requisite fall pictures) but we do not. We usually take an hour or so Saturday morning or Sunday afternoon to find a farm and find some pumpkins. I have to admit, by the time I hit “pumpkin time” my excitement for fall has begun to wane along with the temperatures. I push through, however, helping the girls find perfect pumpkins for us to carve Halloween weekend. Maybe some that look like these:

Photo Credit S. Orris

I hope everyone is finding some fun this fall. Connecticut is beautiful this time of year so get out and enjoy.

Photo Credit S. Orris

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