This is motherhood, too.

Motherhood is giving up the last couch cushion you were sitting on because his new favorite thing is to make pillow forts out of them.
Motherhood is kissing a face full of boogers because one of his newest phrases is “mommy kiss” and naturally you just have to oblige.
Motherhood is letting your child accompany you while you go to the bathroom, so that you can start familiarizing him with “the potty,” even though you fear you may never poop in private again.
Motherhood is starting two separate savings plans for your child’s future, before really having one for yourself.
Motherhood is not eating a hot meal, sharing your plate with a toddler in your lap, or eating long after he has gone to bed.
Motherhood is carrying your toddler everywhere because he wants the snuggle and refuses to be held by anyone else.
Photo credit Gena Golas.


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