Ice Cream. You Scream. And I’m not giving it up…


In honor of back to school week, we have been taking our girls out for ice cream EVERY SINGLE NIGHT FOR SEVEN DAYS STRAIGHT. Yes, you heard correctly. Part of it is not wanting summer to end, and enjoying every last minute of it, and part of it is because, well, I really like ice cream.

Needless to say, it’s probably not the healthiest thing I should be eating every night. But when you are drinking wine on your deck because it’s still so beautiful out, your reasoning is a little off.

Last night as the girls were clearing the dinner dishes, and starting to make their lunches for school the next day (YES, that is one of the good things I don’t mind about them growing older… they now make their own lunches. ALEUEUA.)

Okay, where was I … yes, it’s the end of the day, dishes cleared, lunches made, and I yell…


My dear hubby looks at me sideways like I’m slightly cuckoo, and says don’t you think it’s sort of late? And didn’t we just go last night?  (You would think its 10pm and I suggested holding a rodeo in the kitchen the way he looks at me.) The reality is its 7:50pm. And it’s ice cream. Enough said.

So I ignore this and continue…


Nine is sitting in the car before I can finish my question. Twelve looks at me and actually REPEATS WHAT HER FATHER SAYS. She reminds me that tonight is a school night, we had ice cream the night before, she still needs to take a shower and then organize her back pack for tomorrow. (WHO IS THIS GIRL?! Okay, fine she is a little lot like me… but what have I done?) I realize then that is she is me. No spontaneity. And a little too much following-the-rules-girl.

Well, I decide this is going to change! We are going to be spontaneous and fun, and a little crazy.

I pretty much have to beg and bribe her to come with us, with promises of being home in less than 30 minutes so she can begin her ritual of organizing for tomorrow.

Ice cream to me is summer. It’s everything I love about summer. I want to hold on to this feeling as long as possible. I am just not ready to let it go.

I love the relaxed atmosphere in our house. I love that our girls are not overscheduled. I love that they can just wake up and play, relax, read, get on each others nerves, etc. BE KIDS.  Yes of course read a book every day and yes, you still need to practice your piano. But as a mom to a 7th grade girl, the anxiety over what to wear to school in the morning, and how to do your hair, is truly enough to drive me insane and wanting to drink eat ice cream every day.

I have always been a summer girl. Lifeguarding throughout my teen years with a tan to rival the Coppertone baby model. I love that my girls are now summer girls. They had the most fantastic summer… hanging out, swimming, riding bikes, exploring parks, selling lemonade, eating popcorn for dinner. (Okay this happened exactly once because I am a fun mom, and not because I didn’t feel like cooking.)

These past two months have been a sort of a “time out” for our family. With no schedules upon schedules upon schedules there was definitely an absence of stress and anxiety. And laundry. Did I mention that I only had to do laundry on SATURDAYS? ONCE A WEEK! AMAZING.  All they wore were bathing suits and shorts/tops or sundresses. And no socks to wash as flip flops are the standard footwear in our house during the summer months.

I know I am crazy not responsible silly for taking the girls out for ice cream for 7 days straight… but that’s the great thing about it. Summer makes me silly.  (Well 12 keeps reminding me that I’m also being a bit irresponsible, but 9 loves it.) And my dear hubby thinks I’m nuts, but really, he thought this before the ice cream-capade.

It’s hanging on to summer, and all that it stands for… sunsets, beaches, swimming, schedule free days, less stress (and laundry) and above all unlimited silliness.

We are home in less than 30 minutes, and as I rub 9’s back while saying prayers, she interrupts to tell me she loves me and how much fun tonight was. Then asks if we can do this every night.

We’ll see, I say.

Yes, I will admit the ice cream this week (heck, this entire summer) has wreaked havoc on my stomach area … my clothes are too tight and my sneakers are collecting dust. BUT the sun is shining, my wine glass is full, and my chocolate brownie swirl is delicious.

Will I ever see my abdomen muscles again? Ha ha. My gym laughs at me when I drive by. I will be there soon. I promise. That’s what fall is for isn’t it?

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