'Inappropriate' Songs for a Preschooler

I love music. I love concerts. I love windows down, volume up, singing at the top of my lungs car rides. Problem is, my older daughter (almost 5) is really starting to pay attention to what we’re listening to – eek!

Screen Shot 2015-06-19 at 2.56.40 PMI still have this pre-kid memory of a little boy singing loudly at the airport, headphones in ears, to Beautiful Girls by Sean Kingston. Maybe you know it? It goes – “you had me suicidal, suicidal, when you say it’s over. Damn all these beautiful girls . . .” I was APPALLED. I vowed never ever to let my future unborn children listen to inappropriate music. Add that to the list of things I would NEVER EVER do. Oh, sweet, innocent, well-rested, pre-kids Jenn.

Fast forward over 5 years and here I am grooving along to songs I’d never want my kids singing at school and I’m loving every minute of it. At least my daughter knows. She can often be heard asking me, “Is this song appropriate for kids?” So sometimes we change up the words a little to make them a little more family friendly. Here’s my list of what we’re listening to lately with a little snarky commentary mixed in.

Shake It Off by Taylor Swift: Great message and fun video. The ballerinas captivate the kids and then the hip-hop dancers shake it in their faces. Maybe this song is the PG version of Let It Go – same general message right? And to the fella over there with the hella REALLY good hair . . .


Blank Space by Taylor Swift: Oh man, I love the beat of this song. And you have to see this mom-parody. But I almost died the first time my daughter asked me what a “slover” was (as in “long list of ex-lovers”). And hearing a 2-year old sing “Boys only want love when it’s torture” is kind of an eye opener.


All About That Bass (or Bass Song as my kids call it) by Meghan Trainor: Again, GREAT MESSAGE. I ain’t no size 2 either Ms. Trainor. “I’m bringing booty back. Go ahead and tell those skinny bitches ladies that. . .” I just sing an alternate word louder when she curses. And don’t you know the chorus is actually “boys like a little more booty blanket to hold at night.


Shut Up and Dance by Walk the Moon: Another fun beat! But “Shut Up” is currently our go to “bad word” so this one’s a toughie. I told her it’s okay to say it when you’re not being mean to someone? I like the song too much to black list it because of a fake bad word!



But seriously, there are much, much worse than the ones I’ve pointed out above and I do try to stay away from those. No Parental Advisory stickers for me and my girls. If you’re looking for actual kids’ music, be sure to check out some of our CTWM posts on kids’ music and exposing kids to music:

8 thoughts on “'Inappropriate' Songs for a Preschooler

  1. When I banned “shut up,” my older son changed it to “shush up.” Same message but much softer and sweeter, AND it fits right into the song!

  2. OMG, I have never seen that Shut Up and Dance video – I LOVE IT!!! Anyway, this was a great post!!!

  3. Our twin tweens know every song on the radio. They love to sing them out loud when we are driving places. My husband and I often look at each other in the front, wondering if they understand what they are singing with some of the lyrics!

  4. My kids LOVE shut up and dance because it is the only time they are allowed to say “shut up” lol. They sing it at the top of their lungs, but hell, so do i!

  5. Michelle and I were just talking about the inappropriate music we let our kids listen to! I’ve got two words for you: Kidz Bop. It’s hysterical to see how they replace the “bad” words with kid appropriate ones and still have the song make sense. Like in Uptown funk, the original lyric of “Fill my cup, put some liquor in it” becomes “Fill my cup, put some water in it”! LOL Keep rockin’ those tunes no matter what! I always had the rule when I was growing up that I could sing the bad words, but songs were the ONLY place I could use them. I’m not ready for that rule with my 7-year old so Kidz Bop it is!

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