Oops I did it again: My second pregnancy #unfiltered

So a couple months back, my husband and I were talking about how easy it is having a toddler and how boring life has become now that she has little tantrums and is able to sprint away from us in public and does things like eat crayons and grind her dinner into the living room rug when our backs are turned for 2 seconds.  We figured that we could really use a new challenge involving less sleep, more crying, less alone time, and copious amounts of body fluids to keep us on our toes…

The real story is that my period was late in April so one morning before work I decided to take a pregnancy test just to rule THAT out… As these things go, it was instantly positive.  My brain was like, “NONONONO,” and tears spilled over onto my lap.  Yes, we thought we probably wanted a second child at some point down the road, but our daughter is only 20 months old, we are both in new jobs with very little sick time saved up, and we are in no way financially prepared to have two in diapers, two in daycare, and two college funds.

My husband, ever the yin to my yang, thankfully knocked my despair on its ass when I told him.  He proceeded to basically jump up and down like he’d won the damn World Cup.  My tears confused him.  “How could another baby be a bad thing?” he asked, and I knew he was right.

So – I’m pregnant!  At this point I am excited, plain and simple, as impractical as the whole thing seems.  This is our life.  This is happening.  This is crazy!  We’ll see a couple with two kids at the park or on TV and be like, “That’s going to be us!  Very soon!”  And my brain goes, “Wheeee!” and “Fuuuuuug,” all at the same time.

Oh Brit-Brit, thank you for helping me through this. P.S. your red plastic suit is so not appropriate for this occasion. (Source)

Some notable second pregnancy details:

-Due to my previous precipitous labor, I have decided to work with a midwifery practice and deliver in a birthing center this time around.  I just don’t want to have to lay on my back like last time!  When I went in for my first appointment, I was explaining to the midwife that the pregnancy was a surprise.  She asked if we were using birth control, and when I said no, she goes, “Well that’s how that happened.”  Thanks for the insight.  Seriously though, working with a midwife has been a really positive experience thus far, and I’m sure I’ll be blogging about it more in the coming weeks.

-I’ve been less sick this time around (some people have said that maybe I’m having a boy?) but much, much more tired (toddler).  My weirdest pregnancy symptom is that, when I get a really strong wave of nausea, I tend to sneeze instead of vomit.  This usually happens in the morning and most often when I have food in my mouth.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve sneezed eggs into the crook of my arm.

-I’ve already gained more weight than I’d like, and I’m already in maternity clothes, something like 5 or 6 weeks earlier than my last pregnancy.  I’m trying to enjoy it – the one time in life when I get to push my gut out and really, truly celebrate my curves.  I told myself I wouldn’t be so self-critical this time about weight, but it’s hard.

-We’ve been trying to prepare our 20-month-old for her sibling.  Her age makes this whole process pretty funny.  I always say to her, “Do you want a baby to come to our house?”  And she’s like, “Yeah!”  (Phew!)  Twice I’ve tried to explain to her that there’s a baby in Mama’s belly.  Once she was like, “No.”  The other time she farted.  Loudly.  I hope this isn’t an early indication of their sibling relationship.

To my second child, in case you ever read this: You were not “planned,” but you were not unplanned.  You are not an “accident.”  You are simply the happiest surprise we have ever had, and we cannot wait to meet you, hold you, kiss you, wipe your butt, learn your cries, and be your parents.  You are SO loved.

3 thoughts on “Oops I did it again: My second pregnancy #unfiltered

  1. Congratulations! When I was pregnant with my second, it was like my body went “been there, done that” and instantly went to a 6 month look (at month 3). Also, my first labor was precipitous, but the second was “normal,” about 7 hours. Good luck!

  2. Although I’ve never met him I think I love your husband. Congratulations again! It’s going to be great. xoxo

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