Why do you exercise? (A Red Dress Run post)

As I write this I am three weeks into a prescribed 4 week hiatus on exercise.  In my post two weeks ago I shared that I ran the Mystic 1/2 Marathon injured which only injured me more.

Here I am all happy and smiling after the race. Photo credit C. Fuss
Here’s what you didn’t see in the pic above, I cut the ice pack out of the shot. Poor sad knee. Photo credit C. Fuss

The orthopedic told me I needed 4 weeks off to allow my LCL tear to heal.  This prescription has been hella difficult.  It took me 6 days (4 of which I was in pain) before I felt like a caged animal ready to crawl out of my skin.  Which is when it hit me; I’m an athlete.  The last time I could say that about myself was when I was a college swimmer.  Even though my scale wouldn’t agree (Eff you scale and your body shaming-I really need to throw that thing away) I am probably in the best shape of my life.  Or was, until I replaced my 5 days a week workouts with copious amounts of chocolate and wine (poor coping skills maybe?).  I never realized until it was taken away what an outlet running and exercise is for me.  I tend to be an anxious person but when I am working out regularly that seems to be much more in check.  Likewise, I have always been someone whose emotions are very close to the surface.  I’m a crier.  Let’s just say there have been a lot more crying episodes in the last few weeks.  Once I get the green light I’m going to hopefully get back into the routine so that I can feel more like myself again.  I’m also hoping that I will feel good enough to run (jog? walk briskly?) the Red Dress Run on July 11th with our CT Working Moms team. More on that below.




This hiatus got me thinking about why other people exercise.  I posed the question to fellow bloggers and to my Facebook friends.  I asked, Why do you exercise? Fill in the blank: I _________(insert workout of choice here) because it_________.

Here’s a sampling of what I got:

  • I run because it keeps me sane.
  • I run and do P90X for several reasons…it clears my head, gives me some much-needed alone time, makes me feel strong and confident, sets a great example for my children, and allows me the guilt free pleasure of FOOD!
  • I run and walk for me!!! It’s the one thing I have that is me time.
  • I do triathlons because it keeps the crazy out, I secretly love the push and pull of balancing it all, it fills an inner need to be bad a%# instilled by a childhood gymnastics coach, and mostly because no one can take away what my mind and body accomplish!!!
  • I run because it makes me feel good!
  • I play tennis, because sports are so much more fun for me than something that feels like exercising.
  • I workout because it’s a huge stress reliever and because nothing is better than feeling and being strong. Side note – I used to workout to lose weight. Funny how priorities change. That would be a nice bonus but strength, both physical and mental, is so much more important to me now. Cora note: I love the side note more than the why I workout reason!
  • I spin because it’s exhilarating and burns a lot of calories!
  • I walk because it keeps the baby happy.
  • I run and do bootcamp for many reasons but the number one reason is it keeps me healthy.
  • I do gymnastics and Parkour because they challenge me and build muscles I never knew I had.
  • I run because it is good for my soul. And I like pasta. a lot.
  • I run because it hurts to button my pants when I don’t. Cora note: I feel you girl, I feel you.

I’m including this last one for all the moms of young children:

  • I don’t exercise because right now sleep is more important.

We get it, believe me, we get it.  Parenting littles is HARD WORK.  If only you could get activity points for chasing toddlers we’d all be jacked.  Alas, it’s not to be.  Just remember that you will be on the other side of it soon and you can start incorporating exercise back into your life if you so choose.

It’s no secret that we CT Working Mom bloggers are an active bunch.  Many of us run and we had talked for a long time about running a race as a group.  The idea of running Red Dress together popped up around the same time we got the idea of make new tech shirts.  I contacted the Hartford Marathon Foundation and they were kind enough to give us a coupon code for the race for our team.

We would love to have some of our readers join us for what is sure to be an amazing event.  The Red Dress Run is a WOMEN’S ONLY 5K that starts and ends in Elizabeth Park in Hartford.  It is a great race for a first 5k as there is a finisher’s “medal” for everyone.  Last year it was an Alex and Ani style bracelet.  There are no time limits for the race and many people walk. You can also run this race for charity.  Did I mention it’s all women?  It’s an awesome, supportive vibe.  Our own Jillian placed in her age group last year!  If you would like to join us please include your email in the comments below and we will email you the coupon code for $5 off.  if you’re already registered, please find one of us at the race, you’ll know us by our cool “Run More, Judge Less” shirts!

Me and Sara at the fastrak 15K. I look insane, insanely excited to run! Photo credit C. Fuss

6 thoughts on “Why do you exercise? (A Red Dress Run post)

  1. So bummed I will be out of town. I’ll try to get a run in and wear my shirt while we are away camping. Have fun!

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