Top 10 Reasons Having a Puppy is Better Than Having Children 

10.  My puppy has never, not once, even considered talking back. In fact, he rarely even barks, and if he does bark, it is only for the purpose of communicating very important information such as: “I have to pee”, “I’m hungry”, or “I must protect you from that popcorn maker that is going to cause you great harm at any moment.”

9. When I’m reaching my patience and just.need.a.break from the pup, it is socially acceptable to put him in a crate and walk away. They frown on doing this with children.

8. Puppy doesn’t care if little sister follows him around all day long, gives about 67 too many hugs, or wants him to play dress up. He’s even 100% cool with her “exuberant” attention in front of his buddies at the dog park. In fact, he loves it! There isn’t one thing that little sis could do to him to annoy him (trust me, she’s tried it all)!

7. Dog years work to your benefit for the baby stage. I thought my kids grew up fast, but holy crap do puppies grow up fast! While this is somewhat heartbreaking, it is also awesome for all of those less pleasant milestones (he was sleeping through the night after 1 week! Potty training was all of 2 weeks!)

6. On a related note: he will never be a teenager.  I mean, I hope he will live to be a teenager, but by that point his days will be filled with multiple naps in streams of sunlight and gentle walks by my side.  No angsty music or hormonal mood swings for this guy!  Also, he’s neutered (enough said).

5. No guilt trips when I need to travel for work.  While my kids are getting better about this, I still deal with a bit of moodiness when I return from business trips.  Not so with puppy! It is nothing but tail wags and big goofy grins upon my return.

4. I can feed puppy the same thing for breakfast and dinner every single day and he’ll still whimper with excitement and anticipation as I scoop the kibble into his bowl.  No complaints of “we’re having chicken for dinner AGAIN???”. No sir, not from him. Granted, I’m not completely sure if he even remembers what he ate for his previous meal, but he’s grateful all the same.

3. My puppy inherently operates from a place of wanting to please me at all times. While he does, occasionally, do naughty things, he is always immediately full of remorse (and adorable faces).

Am I not supposed to sit ON TOP of the picnic table?

2. When I go running with my kids, they are all: “Mommy, go faster!” “Mommy, why are you stopping?” “Mommy, why is your face so red??”  But, when I go running with puppy, it is a complete judgement-free zone.  He pants…I pant…And, he doesn’t think there is anything wrong with breaks for a pat on the head now and again.

And the #1 reason having a puppy is better than having kids?

While my children look at me like this:

Lalalalalala not listening!!!

My puppy looks at me like this:

You are the best human in the whole world and I love you so much.

2 thoughts on “Top 10 Reasons Having a Puppy is Better Than Having Children 

  1. This is too funny!! And so true. Why are dogs so happy and excited all the time, meanwhile our children are so moody? Eh, too late to have a dog over a kid. 😉

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