In Case You Didn’t Have Enough To Do

My kids at my son's School Fiesta.
My kids at my son’s School Fiesta.

It’s the end of the school year so that can only mean one thing, you’re freakin busy. Most jobs have a busy season, well lucky me, mine happens to be at the end of May-early June. As chance would have it, that is exactly the same time of year that schools decide it’s time to plan excessive events that parents are expected to attend or kids need things for.

The end of school chaos combined with sports, camp planning, and my son’s birthday is enough to make my head explode.

I actually forgot all about the camp forms until this past weekend. I own it. They were due on May 15. Whoops! But between a whirlwind at work and the non-stop school activities, I completely forgot that registering and paying for camp weren’t the half of it. My son hasn’t even hit school concert age yet or weekly sports practices. I don’t know how working parents do this. It’s crazy.

After discovering the camp forms, I made it to the pediatricians office after work yesterday, right before they close. I was hoping that they could get the forms back to me in 2 days…ha! The receptionist looked at me like I had lost my mind. “We have a 2 week waiting list for medical forms.”  Come again.

Many people think my job is stressful… I say, give me work any day! Managing the end of the year school activities and camp prep is my hell. Happy summer!

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