Growing up with a hilarious last name

You guys.  I really love to start posts with “you guys.” So compelling, right? Hey we’re all friends here.

Anyway. You guys. I’ve been feeling particularly normal lately which doesn’t bode well for interesting blog topics.  Family, work, sleep, repeat.  Nothing all that remarkable except for that time last weekend when woke up and drove my family to Virigina for a day.  That was nuts.  Other than that, though, everything’s been status quo. My life is pretty…  normal.

Still reading?

Anyway. Then. I was sitting at my boss’ desk (across from her, doing legit work… not just sitting in her chair ordering people around or anything) when, for some reason, my maiden name came up. I said, “yep that was my name” and was outright laughed at.

I should know better than to be lulled into a false sense of normalcy.

So. I spent the first 25 years of my life with an unbelievable last name.  Literally.  People would not / could not believe it.  I must’ve been joking.  Yep, 25 years, all just for funnies.  On my license, Social Security card, birth certificate… hilarious.  And then I’d get the laugh.  You know the kind I’m talking ’bout – starts off as a real geniune guffaw at first… until they open their eyes and realize that’s my legit last name. And I’m not laughing with them.

Then there’s a gulp.

That’s when I laugh.

Friends, let me tell you something.  My maiden name – the 8 letters that literally defined who I was and where I came from.  Those are the same 8 letters that defined the sense of humor and humility that you see here today.

When you grow up with a hilarious name, you get a sense of humor real quick.  There are some scenarios that you can brace yourself for – roll call on the first day of school, anytime you use a charge card, meeting new people, etc. – and then there are times you can’t. Like the time the lunch lady held up the entire line in elementary school for like five whole minutes because she just didn’t understand what my name meant.  (Umm… it’s my name?)  I never got hot lunch again.  Or anytime I would have to introduce myself in a meeting.  (Oh man everyone’s going to take me seriously.)  Or anytime I gave out my personal email address and people ask if that’s a fake name I use for spam.  (Umm… no.)  Or anytime your last name appears on any store sign (which is often) and people joke that you must be able to score a deal at the family business.

People wonder why I got married at 25.

Discount.  It was Discount.

Shut it.

8 thoughts on “Growing up with a hilarious last name

  1. I also grew up with a horrible last name, so I totally feel you, sister! In principle, I would have loved to keep my maiden name after I got married, but it HAD to go. It sucks to be embarrassed every time you introduce yourself.

  2. Oh, I DO LOVE your sense of humor. So, if that last night helped make you into the person you are today, then I’d say it served you well, Sister! (And you must have CELEBRATED the day you changed it!)

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