Seasonal Reading: Spring Favorites

As I write this, it’s still only 44 degrees outside. This week my daughter told me I need to start sending a coat with her to school again – she’s cold on the play ground! But there are buds on the trees and daffodils blooming, so we’re calling it Spring – finally! Even though the plastic eggs are safely back in the attic, we’re just starting to fill our seasonal reading basket with Spring books. It’s been empty for a while. I just couldn’t bear to look at the Winter books any longer. And even though my daughter is still wearing her Fall coat, the Fall books are long gone up the attic stairs as well.


For those catching up, our seasonal reading basket is filled with special books we bring out only at the beginning of each season. We try to keep these off of the bedroom bookshelves and in our special basket by the fire place. I love starting traditions like this with my kids. As a kid growing up in Florida, we didn’t have many seasonal traditions. If you’ve got kids under five or so, hopefully you’ll see some Spring books here you might like to add to your collection. Happy Spring!

  • How Do You Know It’s Spring? by Allan Fowler
  • Spring by Tanya Thayer
  • Spring is Here! by Mary Packard and Illustrated by Claudine Gevry
  • Flower Garden by Eve Bunting and Illustrated by Kathryn Hewitt
  • B is for Bunny by Tanya Lee Stone and Illustrated by Sue Rama
  • When Spring Comes by Robert Maass
  • Bear Wants More by Karma Wilson and Jane Chapman
  • Bumblebee, Bumblebee, Do You Know Me? A Garden Guessing Game by Anne Rockwell
  • Planting a Rainbow by Lois Ehlers

My kids are anxious to get out and pull the weeds in the garden. Well, I should say they are into pulling up grass in the yard and I redirect them to the raised beds where we’ll soon plant flowers, tomatoes and bush beans. My kids are way more likely to eat veggies they grow in their own garden even if it’s just cherry tomatoes. And my daughter loves bringing zinnias to the neighbors in tiny vases found at tag sales.

What are your Spring family traditions? Do you have any favorite Springtime books we should add to our collection? Do tell.

2 thoughts on “Seasonal Reading: Spring Favorites

  1. What a really great idea! I have special Christmas and Halloween books, but I like the idea of special books for every season. We do have what we call an “Earth Table” that’s in the center of our house and we change it’s decorations every season. I just may add a reading basket too. Thank you, Sister!

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