Ready to Rage

No, no. Not in that “let’s have a good time!” sort of way. More like that, “I’ve had just about enough of everything and I’m at my breaking point” sort of way.

I am so tired of people droning on about the weather (myself included), but I’m really hoping that endless days of cold and foul weather are what’s to blame when it comes to my sour mood. Well, it’s not even that I’m sour so much as it is that I am just OUT OF PATIENCE. My lack of patience is spilling into nearly everything in my life.


Everything is getting to me. My work commute? I don’t even recognize myself; I’m an absolute animal. And this is coming from someone who admits to some road rage issues. I’ve been overworking my horn, as well as some very fresh gestures and words. Poor customer service? My tolerance has diminished. I have no idea how I suppressed completely losing my shit at the grocery store the other day after waiting a ridiculous amount of time for half a pound of provolone. I screamed in my car, tears welling up in my eyes as I drove home. And once I get home, I’ve been unleashing my frustration on anyone who does not just sit down and eat their dinner or does not stop whining about just about everything.  Let’s just say that whatever this mood issue is that I’m dealing with right now does not jive well with a strong-willed, boundary testin’, fresh talkin’, almost-four-year old. And the fact that my other half isn’t reading my mind and exceeding my expectations is the just the last straw.

And look out, because this mom who currently has amnesia in the coping skills department is fueled by lack of sleep and leftover Easter candy.

I’d really love to do a poll on New England mommas. When I look back at my mood patterns, they appear to be directly connected to seasons. Summer is easy breezy and relaxed, autumn is introspective, reminiscent, and slightly emotional, winter is a little lazy with the desire to be cozy, and spring is WHERE THE HELL IS THE WARM WEATHER WE DESERVE? I’m not diagnosing myself with any sort of seasonal disorder or abnormal afflictions, but Lord love a duck if I say that these temp changes and weather patterns don’t make a girl a bit batty. And I can’t be alone in thinking that we are a heartier bunch for being able to handle these thermometer variations.

So don’t worry about me just yet. I’m pretty sure I’m not going to implode in a super long line at Stop & Shop, or purposefully smash my car into a fellow commuter the next time one passes me on the right without a turn signal before I’ve even finished my morning cup of coffee. I think I’ll be alright. The weatherman is promising high sixties and sun this week.

**Update — Feeling a lot better after a few days of warmer temps and some sunshine. The jury is still out on what causes this incredible frustration and exhaustion, but glad to be on the other side of it. It’s hard to see through these rough patches sometimes, but if you’re feeling like this too, please remember that sunny days can be just around the bend.

4 thoughts on “Ready to Rage

  1. I thought I was the only person who sometimes screams in my car?? I totally feel you. My mood is so totally dependent on weather at this time of year. Why, again, do we live in CT??? Oh right, because there’s a whole lot of glorious just around the corner. 🙂

  2. You’re singing the song of my people. I feel like I have the world’s shortest fuse lately. And I let my exasperation show with every huff and puff. Everything is annoying me lately. I wish I could wear a sign that says, “For your safety, stand back and be quiet.”
    The sun will come out tomorrow….yeah that song on constant replay at my house ISN’T. HELPING.
    Thanks for making me feel normal.

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