Remember to Look Up


I had an epiphany of sorts the other day while running. It was a tough run, as most of them have been lately, and I had my eyes down on the road, focused totally on the pain and heaviness in my legs. Each step felt like a chore and my muscles ached. Then, all of the sudden, I looked up and noticed the sun shining, the beauty of the rural area I was in and how stunning the clear blue sky was. In that moment I realized how much of a metaphor that is for my life right now. I’ve been focused on the road directly in front of me and haven’t stopped at all to look up and remember that life is bigger than just what I’m going through right at this moment. Divorce is not easy, even when both people agree it’s the right thing and I’ve gotten a bit stuck in the daily struggles I’ve faced. I wrote the words below to remind me that every now and again, I’ve got to look up.


It’s okay to look down
And experience the roller coaster of emotions
That accompany challenges in life.

Remember to look up
And you’ll find peace knowing
That what you’re feeling right now will pass.

It’s okay to look down
And acknowledge the anxiety your child feels
As she watches daddy move to a new place.

Remember to look up
Because you can be here to dry her tears
And provide her with a mother’s comfort and warm embrace.

It’s okay to look down
And be frightened by the uncertainty of what lies ahead
To wonder what life will be like now.

Remember to look up
Because you’re beginning to blossom
Like the flowers that will soon peak out after Winter’s finally gone.

It’s okay to look down
And feel the pain of things not working out
How you always thought they would.

Remember to look up
Because the plan for you just might be
More extraordinary than you could ever imagine.

My dear gentle soul
It’s okay to look down
But please don’t get stuck
With your eyes on the ground

Look up every now and again
For while it may not seem like it now
You’re on the very path that you’re supposed to be.

7 thoughts on “Remember to Look Up

    1. Alissa this just touched my heart. Knowing that you enjoyed it so much, enough to print it out and hang it next to your desk, I could cry. Thank you ❤

  1. This is beautiful and so true. It resonates for me at this moment for different reasons, but a perfect and timely reminder nonetheless. Thank you.

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