Out like a…

It’s that time of year again where I’ve started to plan my daughter’s fourth birthday party. Scratch that; I’d actually started planning it the day after her third birthday party, but that’s just semantics. Regardless, as she approaches four years old, I can’t help but feel more than ready to put three behind us. Three Years Old was quite a challenge for us all. You got to follow along through my blog posts as I documented the ups and downs from week to week. Somehow I’ve made it 10.5 months into age three without any gray hair, which I’ll take as a solid victory because let me tell you, I should probably be stark white like my grandmother right now if the Three Year Old stress showed itself in my hair color. Either that or I should be bald from tearing my hair out. Small miracles.

I hadn’t realized that we’d made a shift in our lives until a Facebook friend with an early-three-year-old posted about how shockingly wild her child was. And it struck me, as I was typing out some words of commiseration for her, that I was no longer writing from within the trenches, but as someone who had survived and clawed my way to the other side.

Something happens around three and a half that makes living with your preschooler bearable once again. I didn’t recognize this shift as it happened, because the change was subtle; a quiet balance that found its way back into our lives. Slowly, there were fewer (hourly) battles, far less screaming, much more patience. It took a lot of work, but we managed to do that work together; and I think, now, finally, we’re actually doing pretty great.

The end of March is upon us. What is that they say about March? In like I lion? Yeah, that’s how I could describe the beginning of our entire year at age three in our house. Out like a lamb – well, I’m realizing that’s pretty characteristic of our transition to age four.

As long as our lamb-like balance isn’t some cruel April Fool’s joke, I’ll relish in the groove we’ve found for the next 1.5 months…until, that is, the F#$king Fours kick in.

3 thoughts on “Out like a…

  1. I have an almost three and a half year old, and I am really hoping we are starting to see the swing… For example, we have started moving past the “I must cry because momma is here to pick me up from school” phase, but only after her two daycare teachers and her daddy talked it over with her… Why is it that she can’t hear it from me? And why is it that momma is always the one that gets the tantrums? Here is hoping to a more peaceful, reasonable four. 🙂

  2. This describes the “Three’s” PERFECTLY. And I’m in the same boat. Not sure when the transition happened, but it did. My sweet boy is (for the most part) back. And can you believe we’re planning for their FOURTH birthday?!! Really?!

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