Is Multi-Tasking Something Moms are Just Born With?

I joke with my husband all the time about this- His multi-tasking “skills” are less than stellar.  Actually, they’re pretty much nonexistent.  Forget about rubbing his stomach and patting his head at the same time- If he could empty the dishwasher while a pot of water is boiling on the stove to make spaghetti for dinner, I would re-marry him all over again and take him on a second honeymoon to Vegas.  I’ve seen stories- You’ve seen stories- affirming the excellence by women to multitask.  I swear it’s not something that moms are good at, but it’s something that we HAVE to be good at to SURVIVE.  Seriously. Multitasking is our best asset in a survival of the fittest type of working mom world we live in!

Which brings me to this lovely lady.  Say Hi! Olivia!


Just this past weekend, my husband and I were first hand witnesses to the evolutionary beginnings of Moms mastering multitasking.  It was bath time, so I was herding the troops up the stairs.  Jake bounded up ahead of Olivia and I, and I was following Olivia, as she began to crab crawl her way up the staircase.  What I saw next made my heart explode.  She grabbed her bottle of milk, held the cap between her teeth, and proceeded her climb up the stairs.  THIS GIRL.  She wanted her bottle, and wanted to go up stairs, so what did she do? What any smarty pants would do- Multitasking! I called out to my husband with an OMG, LOOK AT HER!  She’s multitasking!  YEAH GIRLFRIEND!  I only wish I had my iPhone handy to take a pic of this huge milestone in her tiny toddler life.  So maybe what they say about Women rocking out with the multitasking really IS true!  Either way, this proud momma couldn’t be happier.

Oh, and in an unrelated note- Last week I posted about my killer Target mom hacks, and I got a huge response about my nail color!  So I now present to you, OPI “My Vampire is Buff.”  You’re welcome.




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