Embracing the Day

I woke up to another awful Tuesday. (With all the 3-day weekends going on, whether they are planned or of the snow day variety, Tuesday is the new Monday.) I over slept. It was cold and threatening snow. Again. The dog needed to be walked. I slipped on the ice. Laundry needed folding. I looked down at my hand to see that my diamond had fallen out of my engagement ring. I forgot to pack a swim suit for my daughter’s vacation camp and I was late for work going back to grab it.

Instead of running away from the day, I forced myself to embrace it.

I love how warm that word makes me feel: Embrace. It’s a good word to describe what you need to do when you become a mother. From the minute that child comes into your life, you’re embracing, both literally and figuratively. You grab on to that child for dear life, promising to always take care of her. You take the bull by the horns and embrace all the messed up things that mean motherhood: Diapers, feedings, lack of sleep, constant worry, a roller coaster of joy and pain. As time goes on, I am still embracing it.

I am grateful that I get to embrace my dear daughter every day. She made me into the mama that I am. It’s because of her that I get unlimited hugs and snuggles. Touch of all kinds. I’m so lucky that she loves contact. She loves holding hands still. I have to constantly remind her to stop touching my face. Why do I do that? It won’t be long before she’s running away from my touch.

I’m grateful for the opportunity to embrace the madness that comes with being a mother as well. It’s all chaos, but it’s all good. There is no better reason to let this insanity into my life. She is the good reason. So every day, I get up and I do it for her. I embrace this motherhood, this madness. On the good days, I’ll notice and embrace each moment. On the not-so-good days, I’ll look back and embrace what I’ve learned and pledge to do it all over again. Hopefully better. Most likely not. But I’m embracing it all the same.

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