What Makes Me Happy This Week

I’m a big fan of a good old list, so this week I’m cutting myself a break from deep thoughts (yeah, right) and making a gratitude list. I’m theming it a bit – it will be things that make my crazy life feel just a little bit easier and joy filled. Here goes nothing.

  • Grocery pickup. I’m a little too cheap for grocery delivery, because you have to pay the delivery fee and then the tip on top of that, but grocery pickup is under $5 (no tips allowed!) and you don’t have to get the kids out of the car. I seriously wish I could do all my errands via drive through. You have to think that you’ll save at least the fee by not going in and deviating from the list. The produce might not be exactly what you’d choose and you’ll surely stump them with canned coconut milk, but it’s worth a try on a particularly nutso week.
  • Meal Planning. Make ahead casseroles and comforting soups are all over my menu for the week.
  • Television. Specifically Amazon and the PBS Kids channels on Roku. Perhaps I’ve been using it as too much of a crutch lately, but it sure calms the hair pulling quickly. Stop beating each other up and let’s watch Daniel Tiger! My girls are big fans of Daniel, George and Cat in the Hat.
  • Valentine’s Day. Loved focusing on my girls this year, as my husband is out of town. It’s not really our thing anyway. It’s nice to make it about the love we have for the kids and for our friends.
  • Hugs. I’ve been trying really hard to remember some great parenting advice I’ve been given and diffuse situations by offering a hug instead of falling victim to escalating power struggles. It’s working!
  • Flexible Job Situation. My new job rocks. I’m working hard, enjoying it and not stressing snow days nearly as much as I used to. Working from home is like the best thing that ever happened to my mental health.
  • My mom. She’s here visiting from Florida and taking care of my little angels over the February break so I can save enough vacation says to take a family vacation this year. My mom rocks.
  • My friends. I’ve gotten some really great friend time lately. This month we celebrated my book club’s 10 year anniversary with a fancy dinner out. I had lunch with a bunch of the CTWM bloggers. I’m enjoying seeing my kids’ faces light up when we tell them our friends are coming over. Friends feel like part of the family when they help us experience firsts (ice skating)! I’m really lucky to have so many amazing people in my life and so lucky that they continue to be my friends with the little time and energy I am able to invest in those friendships. I love and appreciate them all and hope I can find small ways to be sure they know it.

Life is good, but not perfect. Here’s some things I’m totally over:

  • Snow. I totally called this terrible winter.
  • Cold. I’m sick of sliding around on the ice in my driveway. We need to thaw out soon!

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