Those Grocery Store Cookies


We’ve all been there- in a rush (per usual), up against a deadline at work, and it’s either someone’s birthday or Holiday at school. And you, for some crazy reason, decided a week ago to be a hero and volunteer to bring cookies to your kid’s class. What were you thinking???! Well thank God for the bakery department at the grocery store- those soft vanilla sugar cookies- perfect for kids, with their soft texture, sprinkles, and obnoxious neon colored frosting. YES! Grocery store cookies for the WIN! You waltz through the automatic doors of the store, and hold your head high as you pick up two big containers of those cookies. You GO, Hero. The day is yours.

But here’s the catch- the cookies are pricy, made with whoknowswhat lard? Too much sugar? Weird preservatives? Cue the guilt, aisle 2, please.

Well, not anymore, you Cookie Loving Volunteer Happy Mom, You!!

Let me introduce you to your new best friend, and mine, the grocery store soft frosted cookie recipe!! You can bang out 6 dozen of these babies in one batch of dough, and they are so fool proof easy, you can do it with a tiny human clinging to your leg! I know. It’s a true story. See tiny human below.


So here’s the link to the recipe- and trust me on this- you’ll never regret volunteering for cookie duty again! Well, maybe. Maybe a little.


One thought on “Those Grocery Store Cookies

  1. You had me at the title. Oh, how I love those cookies! If they are as good and easy as you promise, I might just give them a shot. And I love your tiny human.

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