Looking for the Good When Things Feel Hard

Truth be told, I’ve had some dark days lately. I’ve got something going on in my personal life that’s challenging me in many ways. I do plan to write my way through what I’m experiencing but today I just want to focus on some of the GOOD things in my life.

1. My daughter gives great compliments. I actually found a video of her from when she was like 2 years old where I walked into her room to get her from her crib and she said “I like your skirt mommy!” She still does that and knows just how to cheer me up. She loves coming over and telling me how beautiful my blue eyes are and how pretty my long hair is. Almost every day she comments on something I’m wearing and just this morning told me how much love my necklace. Oh this kid, she’s just the best.

2. My support network is more than I could have ever dreamed for. As I’ve started telling people about what’s going on I’ve gotten some wonderful texts and emails. There’s part of me that’s like, how the hell did I get so lucky to have these people in my life? I am so, so grateful to have friends and family that I can rely on.

3. I have a job that I absolutely LOVE. I enjoy going to work every single day. My new boss is the bee’s knees. I get to advocate for women and get paid to do that. I’m working on a really important issue that I’m passionate about (paid family & medical leave). I’m even lucky that I get to see some of my close friends during work hours because we work at the same place.

4. My mom (and today my godmother) sent me some Kohls cash to use. I LOVE Kohls and I love it even more when my mama sends me this gift!

5. My hair is long enough again to do fun braids. I love braids! I had cut it maybe 6 months ago and it’s finally back to a great length for doing fun stuff.


That’s all I’ve got right now but you know what, it’s perfectly enough.

16 thoughts on “Looking for the Good When Things Feel Hard

  1. Great post! The dark days make the good days even better when they finally come! Such a great positive attitude!

  2. Love your hair! You’ve been so good to others, it’s only natural that good should be returned to you. Kudos to you for looking for the positive ❤

  3. It’s nice to see that your support network is rubbing off on you. There’s a ton of good stuff going on. I’m glad you found some of it and I’ll be happy to help you find some more.
    And omg great hairdo!

  4. YES! I want that hair! can we have a video upload of how to do the Elsa braid? I love it on you! And aren’t kids the best with compliments? I love when Jake says, “mommy! you look fancy today!” yep. it’s just the best!

  5. You always have the best hair styles ~ I’d like to inherit that from you! Love the compliments from your little one ~ so precious! You are wonderful and so loved, Sister!

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