Less Stress the Second Time Around

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Any parent can tell you, having kids can be stressful. There are just so many things to worry about. And I’m kind of a worrier. I’m the kid in Florida who grew up with a bag packed full of my favorite things, just in case we had to evacuate for a freak, quick moving hurricane. (You get lots of warning on hurricanes and I never once had to evacuate). But come to think of it, that story might have more to do with my need to be prepared then my tendency to worry. Anyway, I digress. Parenting . . . it’s a whole lot of work and most of us have no idea what we’re doing so we’re often left worrying if we’re doing anything right. The beauty of having a second child is that you’ve already done all this once. You’re practically an old pro. Here’s a little list of things that I didn’t stress (as much) about the second time around.

  1. Food – this one eats! And much to my surprise, the first one didn’t starve after all.
  2. Sleeping. With the first one, I was terrified I’d never get a full night’s sleep again. But with the second one, I knew there was a light at the end of the tunnel, most nights anyway.
  3. Walking. Oh, you’re going to walk after your first birthday. Totally fine with me.
  4. Potty Training. I just know it will happen someday.
  5. Choking. I should probably still be worried about this one, but I just don’t stress as much as I did with the first one. My friends make fun of me because I was still cutting her blueberries in half when she was two.
  6. Television. There is NO WAY I would have allowed my first daughter to watch as much TV as my second daughter does at this age. But with an older sibling around and the hypnotic effect TV has on fighting siblings, I’ve really relaxed the “rules.”
  7. Longer days at school. I now realize that preschoolers cannot tell time and are actually excited to get to stay late and do the fun afternoon things.

I’m not really sure if my second baby was just more laid back or if I was more experienced and therefore relaxed. I suspect it was a bit of both. I don’t think I am going to have a third kid to find out. Now that this second one is two, she’s starting to really give us a run for our money.

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