Snowed In

I’m forever trying to think of ideas to keep my preschooler entertained without having to turn the TV on. January can be tough enough with its deep-freeze temps, but add some heavy snow to the mix, and I need to step up my indoor entertainment game. So here I am, sharing some of our snowy day ideas that help to ease the aches and pains of cabin fever:

*Project box. We are constantly adding to this box as well as dipping into it. I’m a sucker for organization, so I love that this has a handle and and all of the fun stuff is separated and easy for little hands to access. I used small plastic containers and plastic baggies to house googly eyes, puffy stickers, sequins, pom poms, feathers, etc. And combined with the construction paper, markers, glue sticks, pipe cleaners, and ribbon, we can make anything our imaginations can imagine!

*Project drawer. This is where we store those gifts from Christmas that require time and supervision. It also contains unopened puzzles, stickers, new coloring books. Everything in there is exciting for my daughter, and I’ll usually let her pick something out herself.

*Kid’s photo book. I recently bought a super cheap flexible-cover photo book for my daughter when we went to print out some photos at the CVS photo kiosk for something else. When we got home, she put some of the photos in her new little book — all her choice. I started pulling out old photos that I had in storage boxes and she hand chose a couple of wedding photos, pictures of her and our dog that passed away last year, grandparent photos, her baby pics, etc. It was fun to see which ones she chose and I loved talking about all of the whens, wheres, and whos of the photos with her. I had no idea what a huge hit this would be — she loves carrying this thing around and showing it off!

Hey, it was cheap. And it's pink.
Hey, it was cheap. And it’s pink.

*Making cards to put in the mail box. This has been a favorite of hers for quite a while now. We tap into that project box and create homemade cards as well as the envelopes to mail them in. We just use construction paper and scotch tape to seal up the seams of the envelope. I usually try to keep a handful of stamps on hand for when the mood strikes to drop a little note in the mail. And what grandparent, aunt, or uncle doesn’t love getting a homemade card in the mail?

Creating work for our mail carrier.
Creating work for our mail carrier.

So, that’s all I’ve got. Nothing crazy exciting, but definitely some fun ways to bide the time during cold days when we’re relegated to the house. What kind of ideas do you have for passing time in the chilly temps?

3 thoughts on “Snowed In

  1. Great ideas. We have a project closet/drawer as well. You’re totally right about putting away gifts that take time and supervision. Wonderful to pull those out on a rainy (or snowy) day.

  2. I love our project box! Every now and then i’ll pick up some supplies at the dollar store to keep the box stocked. So far we love foam shape stickers, pom poms, feathers, and wooden popsicle sticks. lots of FUN! I can’t wait to add those perler beads into the mix!

  3. Great ideas! You are so crafty. I must admit we watched a lot of tv at our house and did one craft. I definitely want to do the photo book. Now, if only I could print out my photos in my phone! LOL

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