#DontHateNewEngland…reasons for winter-haters to love our home

I can’t pretend to like winter. I just cannot. Every year I try so hard to psych myself up for it…it’s cozy! There’s cocoa! And sledding! And all of that! But then it arrives, and I just cannot muster any fondness for it. Every single winter I ask myself (and my husband) why we live in this cold, cold place, where we have to stock up on supplies for a possible multi-day power outage (which thank heavens, didn’t happen…this time…) without heat or water. Why. Not. Move? 

Well, here are 21 reasons to love Connecticut and stick around through this awful season, even if you loathe our winters as much as I do:

All photos taken by me. Please do not use without permission. Thanks!

4 thoughts on “#DontHateNewEngland…reasons for winter-haters to love our home

  1. Connecticut is beautiful in all it’s seasons, the snow and minus degrees can be rough, and depressing, but it really does make us appreciate
    the beautiful things in your pictures all the more!!!

  2. Aww, yes! I love Connecticut and all of its seasons, but I understand about those winter blues as well. I’m convinced that this is what makes New Enganders a special breed. You have to be pretty hardy to make it through all of the extremes and keep going!

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