Winter’s Measurements

Some families keep track of growth on a door jamb. We use snow banks!

Winter is nothing if not predictable around here.  We get some crazy forecasts, we buy bread and milk, we have snow days.  Rinse and repeat.  I took today’s snow day opportunity to browse through some winter pictures from years past.  What I found was that I can track my daughter’s growth through her stage during each winter storm.  It’s kind of funny.  Makes me feel like a true New Englander.  Take a stroll with me, if you will…

Here’s the winter of ’11.  Probably the first time I took baby girl out in the snow.  I must have been housebound stir crazy because I hate snow.  But it looks like we had a good time.  Plenty of snow at least. There were no hills in our sledding adventure.  Just Mommy breaking a sweat, hauling the girl around.

Not sledding exactly.  More like dragging.
Not sledding exactly. More like dragging.

Then we have 2012.  The year of our new, faster green sled.  Which was great.  As long as Mommy crammed her fat butt onto the sled with her.  And therefore said faster sled was not so fast.

2012 2
I think we’re stuck.

The next year was a different story.   Zoey got a little braver and did a few runs herself.  It was a  good thing because there was no way we were both fitting on that sled this year.

Ready! Set! Go!
Ready! Set! Go!

Last year, we moved on to an awesome inflatable tube.  That thing was fast.  So fast, we couldn’t get any pictures.  So here’s a cute snowman picture instead.  It was the year of “Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?” on repeat, after all.

Getting cozy with..what the hell is that?
Getting cozy with..what the hell is that?

This  year was probably the most fun we’ve had in our little back yard sledding slope.  Zoey is old enough and brave enough to really whip down our hill.  By herself.  No screaming.  No panicking.  Solo sled rides all around.  We even got some pictures (and some hysterical video) of her on that tube.

Hot Shot.  All that and a bag of chips.
Hot Shot. All that and a bag of chips.

My how you’ve grown.  I look at this and the many more mental pictures from today and say to myself, “These are the moments.”  It doesn’t matter that a half an hour before we went outside I was ready to lose my mind.  We had run through all the games, playdough and indoor hide and seek that I could take.  Thank goodness for growth and fresh air and, and yes, thank goodness for this snowy day.

3 thoughts on “Winter’s Measurements

  1. I love these! And just when I buy another pair of snow pants, I think, how is he ever going to grow out of these- they’re huge! and then bam! I’m buying another pair!

  2. Isn’t it so true? We were just talking about the obvious growth this winter from last … All because we were able to compare sledding skills. Love these pictures and your captions are hilarious!

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