Snow Day

snow dayThere’s nothing quite like a snow day. As a kid, I vividly remember sitting at the kitchen table first thing in the morning, listening to the radio, hoping beyond hope that our school would get called. Now, we get a voicemail from the school, which most times is a trigger for my husband and me to go into panic mode in an attempt to find childcare and figure out who can be home when. But today, I got a snow day too, and it feels fabulous!

It’s nice to have a bonus day with the kids, tucked inside with the outside world all but turned off. I’m excited for the activities we’ll get to do together that we almost never get around to on the weekends. I’m also happy that I have an ample supply of coffee.

Most times when the kids have a snow day, I still need to work, so the day is a blur of busyness. But today, the expectation is that I have off. Any work done is bonus work. That means a day of play in the snow, Legos and board games, building a train track, baking cookies, and cuddling on the couch.

We can do whatever we’d like, because today, we have a snow day!

2 thoughts on “Snow Day

  1. You’re so right, it makes such a big difference when everyone’s off. Not only were we all home, but so was the rest of the state, and so I didn’t even come back to the mayhem that often ensues when I take an unplanned day. My hat’s off to those who did have to work, though, my shelter staff and my mother-in-law for starters!

  2. this year officially marked my renewed love affair with snow days. Jake is totally into the SNOW DAY! STAY HOME AND HANG OUT DAY! and Livvy is on board! Let’s play, snack, bake, and do it all day long!

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