MORE edits to the English language, according to my preschooler

Just last month I shared a second installment of the words and phrases my daughter mispronounces or misunderstands. I’d be remiss if I didn’t add these! Here is more of my daughter’s understanding of the English language at 3.5 years of age:

Diming room – dining room
Hand band – head band (those things she refuses to wear)
Poccorn – popcorn

Has no idea she’s saying the wrong word
Long sleeves – short sleeves
Down sleeves – long sleeves
Mess – let’s (as in, “Mess go upstairs” instead of “Let’s go upstairs.”
Off and – often (when she “reads” me The Giving Tree – “and the tree was off and alone.”)

I want to hold you – I want you to hold me
I can’t know how to find it – I don’t know where it is

What are your favorite toddler words?

5 thoughts on “MORE edits to the English language, according to my preschooler

  1. These are so cute. When counting my 2 yr old would use a “b” instead of “v.” Seben instead of seven and eleben instead of eleven. Always makes me smile.

  2. HAHA! Josh calls the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles the “Humane Injured Turtles” and I DIE every time. Nate still says “hows” instead of as, as in “I am using the sheet hows a disguise”. HAHAHAHA.

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