Magical Monday!


Things I’m LOVING this magical Monday:

* Oh Gawd, forgive me, but I’m totally horse-crazy again! I feel like my nine-year-old-self who was obsessed. I took my two littlest boys to Ray of Light farm yesterday and a beautiful grey horse took a liking to all of us. Not only did we get to pet him and gush all over him, HE pet me back with his muzzle and that just put me over the edge of horse-bliss. We’ll be going to visit our new friend often.

The horse who loved us.
The horse who loved us.

* I had two hours of guitar lessons last week and while I don’t particularly like the lessons all that much, I do really enjoying practicing what I’m learning while I’m at home all cozy and relaxed. Also, I’m thrilled that I now am getting a base so I can learn from youtube videos as well.

* My 3 year old looks absolutely adorable in his Lightning McQueen pajamas. I can’t even take it.

* I made lasagna last night and I make the absolutely best lasagna in the world. Left-overs tonight!

* Chex mix! We usually just make this around Christmas, but why the hell can’t I make it in January? So I did!

* Reading horse books, watching horse movies, drawing horses, etc. My inner child is quite fulfilled.

* My 7 year old starts a lego engineering class this week and he’s so excited!

* My 9 year old and I had a date Saturday morning. Love one-on-one time with my boys.

* So happy we finally got some snow here on the shoreline. Even though it’s only a couple of inches, it’s enough to sled on and that’s all that matters.

* Moonlight on the snow.

* Warm cars on cold days.

* Hubby and I have a day-date on Saturday. Dates and have few and far between lately. So looking forward to this one.

Hope you are finding stuff to LOVE this Magical Monday. ♥


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