Reusing Christmas Cards

I used to struggle with how to display Christmas cards. I used to hang them over a piece of string or fishing line. A large portion of them are photos cards these days, so you can’t hang them like that or just stand them upright somewhere. I found this holder on double triple clearance somewhere several years ago and have never looked back. I love seeing it get loaded down with cards as we inch closer to Christmas morning. I love seeing all the smiling faces of my friends, their kids and their pups.

But when the holidays are over, it seems like such a shame to just toss (or recycle) all of these beautiful cards. Here are a few ideas for reusing Christmas cards with your kiddos.

1. Cut out illustrations, photos and words for them to use for collages and art projects. This year I glued two pieces of copy paper together, made a border with wrapping paper, had the kids glue on decorations and then laminated them at Kinko’s to make these great placemats!


2. When you have extra of your own cards, laminate them and make Christmas tree ornaments for future years. Consider making extra for Grandparents or one that your child can put on their first adult Christmas tree someday.

photo 2

3. Rip off the font and use as postcard. I’ve used them as Thank You cards before and my aunt uses them to invite people to an annual bonfire they have during the first full moon of the year.

4. Cut out photos to make a handmade book of all the people your child knows and loves.

5. Cut up to make gift tags for next year’s presents.

Do you have any other uses for Christmas cards after the holidays season is over?


5 thoughts on “Reusing Christmas Cards

  1. I’ve been doing the gift tag trick for years! I like the laminated ornament one but we never seem to have extra of our own.

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