How Christmas has changed since kids…

When you are little Christmas is the most magical time of the year. You wait impatiently for Christmas Eve and hope you were good enough to get presents from Santa and your parents rather than coal or empty boxes. The holiday excitement exudes all around you while the snow is falling and snowmen are made.

Who didn't love Matching Christmas Outfits??? Didn't care as long as Santa came.
Who didn’t love Matching Christmas Outfits??? Didn’t care as long as Santa came.

Then the years go by and you change from wishing for a doll, to most likely asking for cash and rolling your eyes at waking up before 11am. God I wish I could be a teenager again and sleep in like that. So the holiday looses a little sparkle as a teenager but let’s be honest most things do in our teen angst, I know everything, life is so hard emotionally days. I think I was more concerned with hanging with my friends then my family around the holidays. Shame on me of course but then it starts to change.

The holidays started to change a little when I started dating my husband. I was excited to meet his family and him meet mine. It started to be more focused on what the holidays are about. Love, family, friends, togetherness, and kindness.

I will say at this point it started to change but that excitement never really came back full swing until I had kids. Seeing my son excited for Santa, or to see Grandma and Grandma with candy canes makes my angst of holiday wrapping not so bad. So here is a list of things that have changed during the holidays from having kids.

Seeing my husband go cut down a tree with my kids, putting the stockings up, decorating the tree all start to feel magical again. Do not get me wrong, the shopping, wrapping of gifts, and work stress are all still there and suck but at least there are moments within the daily grind that get me as excited as I was when I was six years old.

Pure Happiness...
Pure Happiness…

Which come on tell me the last time you felt that way? Between work, responsibilities, marriage, parenting, and crappy adult stuff it is definitely nice to feel a little magic.


3 thoughts on “How Christmas has changed since kids…

  1. I totally agree – having a kid makes the holidays so much more magical. It’s so fun to see everything through their eyes.

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