Thrifty Thursday: Baby it’s Cold Outside

Yes, it’s that time of year once again. Winter. Ok, so winter doesn’t officially begin for a few more days but tell that to the weather! Although I’m not a big fan of the cold weather, I do loooove scarves. Truth be told, it’s really more of an obsession. I just love finding that *perfect* scarf to complete my outfit. I can never have too many. So many prints, patterns, and colors…oh my!

This craft project combines three of my favorite things: my daughters, scarves, and my love of all things crafty and creative! Win-win people! (Confession: I was intending to make this to give as a Christmas present but decided to keep it for myself. I’ll definitely be making more to give as gifts though!)

What you’ll need:

– piece of fabric (jersey type material) cut to 60″ x 15″ or longer

– fabric paint

– tape (masking, packaging, or painters)

– toy trucks (I bought 2 toy monster trucks at the dollar store)

– newspaper or something to protect your floor/workspace

– paper plate(s)

Here’s what to do:

1. Cut your fabric to the size you want. I found that the size I chose (60″ x 15″) worked well for my small infinity scarf but you may want it a little longer.

2. Tape your newspaper to the floor to protect it from any “runaway” paint.

3. Tape your fabric onto the newspaper. Try to pull it fairly taut so it will be easier for your kids to paint it. You can even use the tape to make lines and divide it up. I used painters tape because, honestly, I couldn’t find my masking tape. It worked just as well!

This was our work station (aka the kitchen floor)!
This was our work station (aka the kitchen floor)!

4. Pour the fabric paint onto a paper plate and have your child roll the tires of their truck in the paint.

5. Now for the fun part! Let your kiddo drive their truck all over the fabric.

6. After the paint has dried (according to the directions listed on the bottle) remove the tape.

7. If you want to turn it into an infinity scarf you can sew the ends together (or use something like stitch witchery if you don’t want to sew it).

8. Wear your scarf with pride or give it as a gift! My daughters loved how the scarf *they* helped to make turned out. They were also pretty excited about the fact that they got to play with the trucks once I washed the paint off the tires.
photo 1

 (Disclaimer: I haven’t had the chance to sew my scarf yet so I pinned the ends together for the purpose of taking this picture. As soon as I find the time I’m going to sew it up for real….okay, so maybe I’ll just use some stitch witchery instead.)

Wishing you a warm and wonderful holiday season and winter!

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