New Year’s Resolutions for Moms

You know that old saying, Reach for the Moon, you may land on a Star?  Well, I will not be doing any of that for my New Year’s “Resolutions” this year.  Yep.  Shootin’ for ye old MEDIOCRATY this year.  I’m talking about good old normalcy and maintenance.  No new goals or high hopes for me- just keepin’ it simple, and keepin’ it real in 2015.  I’m not building myself up to let myself down, I’m taking stock, and looking at what works in my life, and I’m going to work at keeping things working.  More of the whole, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”

Follow me for a minute here-

1.) On weight loss.  I work my butt off on the regular to keep myself looking like myself.  After I had my second child, I dropped down to pre-wedding weight, circa 2005.  Pre-wedding weight? I’ll take it.  And I’ll embrace it, and run with it.  No dropping the lbs over here this year- I’m just happy with working to maintain what I have!  Yes! MAINTAIN!


Happy weight.  Smiling weight.  Gin & Tonic and Pizza balanced with Treadmill weight.

2.) Fun Runs.  I’m a runner.  I run for the sheer joy of it, the race tees, and for the possibility of snagging some serious race bling.  Ohhh, I know! All the things most runners think taboo to talk about!  Yep. I love me some race swag, and this year, I’m going to seek out races with the coolest and shiniest swag.  No shame in that game.


Killer Swag = winning a Stihl professional grade wagon (with flames on the side) after coming in First in my age group at a 5K this summer.

3.) In the kitchen.  I’m ashamed to admit that I’ve fallen off the baking/cooking/Julia Child wagon in the past year.  But, with the advent of having two children upright and mobile, my kitchen is up and running again.  No, no, no, I’m not going to tackle a new Julia Child recipe every day, nothing crazy like that, but I will take the tools that I have and learn how to actually use them.  Case in point? When we moved into our new house, my loving husband gifted me with the holiest of all grails- A brand spanking new, shiny Tiffany Blue Kitchen Aid mixer.  “aaahhhhh” sang the angels up above in unison.  Said mixer is still sitting in its place on my granite kitchen counter looking more like a museum piece than a working kitchen appliance. Goal for 2015? Actually plug it in and whip up something delicious.  Like homemade Kahlua mocha whipped cream frosting…… *drool*

kitchen aid

The beauty sitting in the corner of my kitchen.  Unplugged, yet commanding a presence…  And hiding behind other serious race bling (see above).

So there you have it, readers.  Nothing fancy, nothing crazy, but all bona fide resolutions nonetheless.  I’ve put it out there on the interwebz, so now it’s become real, and I may actually have to follow up on this fantasy.  I’ll have to keep you updated, on my progress next year.  And who knows? I may actually have a new recipe to share with you!

Happy New Year!


2 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolutions for Moms

  1. Love all of your maintanace goals! And there is nothing wrong with loving some cool race medals! You’re looking fabulous, and a great motivator for me. I need to get back into the gym on the regular so that I can not feel bad about that pizza myself!

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